Author Topic: Thought about mudding today but my left nut needed scratched.  (Read 4047 times)

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Been busy with life, work and the never ending honey do list. Quit smoking. Lost a little weight from a juice diet and forced walks. Miss Arctic but have decided to limit playing until next wipe. Hope it wipes soon at this rate my computer is gathering dust and might not work next time I turn it on.

So a lady missing her arms and legs sat on the beach crying.

Dude man walks by and ask why are you crying.

I got no arms I got no legs chick states she has never been kissed.

Dude has a moment of compassion and kisses chick.

Chick cry's harder confusing dude stating, she cry's because the kiss made her realize she has never been bapted.

Dude thinks about it, picks the lady up, tosses her into the ocean and yells "your bapted now".

Well anyways maybe next week I'll log Franky and slum it around Neraka trying to find where ToT went. Until then peace out y'all.