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Re: Ask the audience
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That is kind of awkward, but at least he swallows apparently.


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Re: Ask the audience
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Top three favorites:
1)Deserts of Khur
2) Dargaard Keep
3) Nytes

The main reason these are my favorites is because they are solvable with a little extra.  You don't have to be able to finish them to reap some rewards.  However I think every zone should load a spell...

Three least favorites:
1) Silvanesti
2) Dargonesti/sahuigneutng/blood shoal
3) Mithas

Long, boring zones riddled with ultra secrets.  My head hurts reading the descrips and these zones are a pain in the ass to navigate.  Some fights are cool, but most are ridiculous.

Favorite fights: Argentine, Desert Wraith, Soth, Soth.  First two are fun and doable, the second two because I love hearing people after they get insta-gibbed.


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Re: Ask the audience
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Old Highlander, old Tarsis underground, and old Crystal Quest - all solable with a thief.