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 Maza Nostra has been around for at least 15 years. Along with other clans such as Myth and Kos, we have redefined what this mud is all about. While lesser clans vie for equipment, Maza Nostra has always had its own goals and purposes which changed year after year to include, among other things, the conquering of death traps, the use of level 1 burning hands scrolls against no-bash players and the creation of a human train of interconnected buttocks.

 This wipe we have decided to create the most awesome stronghold this mud has ever seen, complete with its own theme park, an exhibition of stuffed baby squirrels, a fountain and a sofa along with other amenities. It will be called the Maza Nostra Mushroom house and it will be open from 8am to 10pm every day except Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and of course Saturday and Sunday, especially the Sunday of the 31st of this month when I will be having my sex change back to a male.

 But for the last few wipes building a SH is becoming extremely difficult. The logistics of this wipe for the mushroom house are just astronomical. I calculated at least 4 million coins to buy the property (usually with no electricity or water) and add the amenities to make the stronghold a worthwhile living space. In addition, the stronghold next to Toede in goblin camp has been taken away which basically sucks cause it was the best Stronghold ever.

 So my request to the immortals is this. While I understand why the assets are so expensive, can we make the first 5 rooms a little cheaper? 50k for a room is extremely high for a small clan. And yes small clans have an even bigger right to beautiful Strongholds because they are most likely to stay together until the end of the wipe.

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Re: Strongholds
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As the Chieftain of another small clan also hunting for that Mythical home, I second the request.