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Reincarnation / Re: Reincarnation Thoughts
« Last post by Attai on September 19, 2019, 02:10:27 AM »
I want to start off by saying I love the idea of reincarnation.  However unless something changes I can’t see myself reincarnating more than 2 times, a Legendary character is going to be stronger than a multiple times reincarnated non-legendary character.

The decision to reincarnate is not a decision to make lightly, I feel if you play with a group of friends or are in a clan then reincarnating is a selfish non-team player decision.  As soon as you are at a useful level and strength you start over again at level 1 which hurts your friends/clans ability to do the high level zones.  Even if your character is level 30 you whats the point of fully training your skills or buying the expensive ranks you otherwise would have because you are going to lose them when you reincarnate again.  You’re not going to spend 200k on Steelskin everytime you reincarnate so whats the point of buying it until you’re done?  If you want to do most high level zones a non-reincarnated Legendary character is going to be much more powerful and much more useful than a character still doing its reincarnations.

Looking at the XP cost:
Pre-Reincarnate: 199,999,999
Reincarnate 1: 219,999,999
Reincarnate 2: 241,999,999
Reincarnate 3: 266,999,999
Reincarnate 4: 293,699,999
Reincarnate 5: 323,069,999
Reincarnate 6: 355,376,999

That is just over 1.6 Billion XP needed to reincarnate 6 times to acquire those bonuses (I’m assuming based on rough extra 10% XP needed per reincarnate).  I understand a Legendary 6x Reincarnated character is going to be an absolute beast no matter what class but given the trade-offs I don’t see how its worth it.
Reincarnations really hurt Dark Knights and Neutral alignments the most.  If I was a Dark Knight I would not give up Impunity to reincarnate again and xp’ing a Neutral even once is absolutely horrid.

I agree with almost everything that Eric said
-   If you have a reincarnate flag you should be getting 2x XP all the time, you’ve proven you’re not a trash character and the grind is just too much
-   I believe certain ranks should be able to carry over (fly/hr/-ac) even if its just the lower cost ranks
-   There should be no lvl 30 XP penalty or give more of a bonus for including more in your group

As an example I am currently reincarnating a Legendary Rank 29 Neutral Warrior and a Legendary GL Rank 34 Mountain Scout, the only ranks I bought were can_fly and nocharm on the warrior and can_fly, nocharm and 5 hr on the scout, I currently have 21 unused rank points on the Scout which is now level 30 again and almost ready to reincarnate a 2nd time.  The warrior I gave up on at lvl 27 because I just couldn't keep up with the scout level wise.
Reincarnation / I reincarnated 3 but only once each
« Last post by Matthew on September 18, 2019, 07:39:06 PM »
Cause omg grind. Being able to group with friends because of double xp was much better...
I probably won't reincarnate a second time.
Reincarnation / Re: Early Feedback
« Last post by Dagda on September 18, 2019, 05:14:44 PM »
I find it a little frustrating that you can't make new legendary race characters after you reincarnated until you hit level 30 again. I only have the two high enough rank characters and I reincarnated them, I wanted to make a couple legendary race characters so I can experiment and choose better races for reincarnation 2, but I can't theorycraft now :).

But I should add, I love it. Being able to take a wipe character that you've put a lot of effort into and reincarnate it and at least get it into a better legendary race is great, being able to really max it out by multiple reincarnations may be overkill.

I think it would be neat to allow reincarnation to add a possible second class to the character, that you can choose at login or something for the day. It would be madness for gear though, so probably pie in the sky.

Reincarnation / Re: Reincarnation Thoughts
« Last post by Gnua on September 18, 2019, 12:32:59 PM »
why is there such a huge grouping penalty at level 30?  you can be getting 50k per kill at 29 but then ding 30 and immediately drop down to 10k for the rest from there. 

before reincarnation this didnt matter at all because at level 30 you didnt care about xp, you wanted ranks/coins/spells/gear.  what if the reincarnation requirement was level 30 rather than 1x.  that way xp at level 30 still doesnt really matter except for building up your death buffer.
Reincarnation / Re: Reincarnation Thoughts
« Last post by el conquistador on September 18, 2019, 09:53:02 AM »

- The experience at lvl 30 and not getting bonus (or a penalty, unsure how it works) is difficult to swallow.  Keep it the way it was prior to 30.

- Grouping!!!! The game is about socialization and hopefully interacting with fellow nerds, and hopefully helping folks out.  The current system discourages grouping, not as much in lower levels but 25+, lvl 30....we literally had a 6man we broke up because experience was so bad.  So instead of running storms and fun things, we broke into 3man groups mindlessly slaying guards and small zones.  This was not much fun and led to too many beers having to be drank, thus causing hangover with 2 small kids.....regretting the beers and maybe the arctic time.

this is the biggest thing to me.  my priority next wipe will be reincarnating and in the current system that will mean avoiding groups from 30 to 1x.  why is there such a huge grouping penalty at level 30?  you can be getting 50k per kill at 29 but then ding 30 and immediately drop down to 10k for the rest from there. 

i dont think xp loss on death would be so huge if this was fixed.  grinding xp at 29 i can usually gain 11 million in under 3 hours.  at level 30 the same xp will probably take 7+ hours.  that is what makes deaths so devastating.  if you die you just lost a saturday.
Reincarnation / Re: Reincarnation Thoughts
« Last post by Kadaj on September 18, 2019, 08:48:45 AM »
I haven't tried reincarnation yet and I probably won't be doing it this wipe. Playtime for me is super limited now and I honestly might not even get to play next wipe. But just thinking about what Reincarnation really means for the game.

Right now, Legendary characters vs the early 90's and 00's characters are just so much stronger. Legendary really opened the flood gates to what people can do on small groups or two mans. My biggest concern with reincarnation is making legendary characters.........even stronger.

Think about a pre-legend thief vs a legendary thief, pretty HUGE difference. Now imagine a 7x Reincarnated thief.
He would have +70 hp, -7 save vs spell and +14 stat points *Without spending a single rank* but then, they get a BONUS +14 rank points to spend on top of that.
Now throw in a medal that's rank 100 and you pretty much have a 600-700 hp thief, which will most likely have the Steelskin rank, be maxxed on -svs, tons of resists from the medal, blind immunity, all sorts of beneficial flags.

I know that it's a giant time sink and it's great that we have this new thing to look forward to and sure, you can opt in to doing it or not. Maybe cut the benefits in half as well as the exp needed from 1-30 so it's an option that would still be enticing but not make most content so trivial with these super powered characters.

The only problem I don't want to see is having people solo'ing/2 manning really hard stuff and inevitably stuff getting nerfed to compensate for the power of the characters.

Just my thoughts coming from someone who's played this game way too long.
Reincarnation / Re: Early Feedback
« Last post by Jorquin on September 17, 2019, 10:20:49 PM »
Long time reader first time caller. My two cents:

- XP is fine, except at 30, and the group penalty seems counter intuitive. It just encourages detachment from other players, which leads to isolation, boredom, and WOW classic.

- Rank coin cost reduction (if considered) should be scaling... I.e 20% for R1, 30% R2, 40% R3 (etc). Made these numbers up, but you get my point

- Give mages (or all casters) access to spell book shop at R7 1X which sell all spells. Gives them a real incentive to reincarnate (tanks have better rank buy options), and fixed the "I'm a small group player, how can I get prism?" problem.

- If the above unfairly incentivises casters, cut the rank point cost of some strong tank ranks (steelskin, haste, etc) and make them required certain reincarnation thresholds.

- Although I haven't seen it work, I imagine the death penalty at R4+ is cripplingly brutal. If it is, it will either deter people reincarnating, or deter reincarnated players from doing anything hard. Both of which are bad outcomes

That's my 2 cents, for what it's worth
NEWS / Re: September 12, 2019 -- DOUBLE XP WEEKEND!
« Last post by Terk on September 17, 2019, 07:46:55 PM »
Haha what a fun idea!
Reincarnation / Re: Early Feedback
« Last post by Gnua on September 17, 2019, 03:56:55 PM »
Double $$$ next weekend? Is that even possible? The idea of rotating through an event every other week or so, like this one, is pretty sweet, particularly late wipe.

how about 50% off coin cost for rank purchases?
Reincarnation / Re: Early Feedback
« Last post by Alecto on September 17, 2019, 03:14:14 PM »
Double $$$ next weekend? Is that even possible? The idea of rotating through an event every other week or so, like this one, is pretty sweet, particularly late wipe.
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