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NEWS / May 21, 2020 --- Minor patch, bug fixes
« Last post by Anista on May 21, 2020, 11:21:51 PM »
May 21, 2020

 - The clan stronghold BANK asset now includes personal vaults.
 - Prismatic and color spray damage has been increased.
 - Power word stun will land slightly less often.
 - Drow and halfling mob races have been removed from the game. Expect to
   see alternate races as affinity objectives in the future.
 - Fixed a bug preventing affinity items from being restored by immortals
   if they are lost.
 - Resolved a few more issues causing game crashes.

   May you all die,
   - Anista
NEWS / May 15, 2020 --- Double Experience Weekend
« Last post by Anista on May 15, 2020, 09:04:45 PM »
May 15, 2020

   DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND begins now!
   Experience gains will be doubled until late Sunday or early Monday AM,
   depending on your timezone.
   Please celebrate our promotions with us (and also Lloth's newborn baby

   - Your new Goblin Overlords
Newbie Area / Re: Mapping Zones
« Last post by Gord on May 15, 2020, 01:00:35 PM »
nice, thanks!
Newbie Area / Re: Mapping Zones
« Last post by Caine on May 15, 2020, 09:27:00 AM »
Some spins are mappable, some aren't. Usually a good way to figure this out is to try moving down when down isn't a visible exit - if you are able to move, it means the spin is likely truly random and can't really be mapped. On the other hand, if you can't move down, then a good way to map out the spin is to drop a different number of coins on the ground in each spin room and note the number of coins on the ground when you move. This won't always work, but is useful when it does. For example, you could say that moving east from the room you dropped 2 coins in, might take you to the room you dropped 6 coins in. And keep going for each exit for each room.

Dealing with the inconsistent exit distances shouldn't be too much more difficult, as there usually isn't anything spinny about them. You could try to space out your rooms a bit more when mapping new areas if you suspect there might be longer connections, so you can throw in extra rooms in between later if needed.

Hope that helps at least a little bit.

Newbie Area / Mapping Zones
« Last post by Gord on May 14, 2020, 06:37:48 PM »
Any tips/or tools for mapping zones?  I have no idea how to deal with spin areas or even the inconsistent distance between rooms? Any advice would be great.
NEWS / May 14, 2020 -- Crouching Goblins, Hidden Kender
« Last post by Kam on May 13, 2020, 11:23:40 PM »
May 13, 2020

  Friends, goblins, hooligans!

   We are proud to announce yet another promotion of our smelliest goblin
   battlemasters! Their continued efforts for the game remain unparalleled
   and as a result they must be punished with yet more responsibility!

     Anista has been doing incredible work for the game, coding away
     many long standing issues as well as bringing some great new
     features to the game. His tireless work on zone approval and
     creation have helped get lots of new content into the game and he
     has also been a great asset in his handling of mortal affairs. As
     such, we are naming him the new head of gameport so that he can
     continue to improve the game for us all.

     Kholos continues to be a masterful zone creator and mentor to
     other members of the creation staff, both new and old. His zones
     are some of your favorite and also your least favorite (because
     they kill you so often). His vision and talent for creation have
     been a driving force behind new content in the game and so is only
     fair that he become the new head of creation so that he can help
     shape the future of content for the game.

     Kam, meanwhile, will continue on in his role as someone who mostly
     does nothing but takes credit for all the good stuff that seems to
     happen near him. The most masterful jerk, the cleverest kender,
     the head implementor will continue to oversee all aspects of the
     game and guide the goblins in their new roles (with leashes, and
     maybe whips, but definitely disinfectant and air freshener).

   Please congratulate Anista and Kholos when you see them online, which
   should be often, while they do all the things to make the game you love
   even more lovable (and horrible).

  May you all die.
Questions and Answers / Re: zone Q&A
« Last post by matashiwa on May 05, 2020, 11:51:23 AM »
I'm in the same boat as Zach: Been away from the game since 2002 or so and would enjoy lurking in a Discord with others as I slowly regain muscle/zone memory. I'm logged on as Tapspringer.
Game Bugs / Extra attack rank and scout fence
« Last post by Jorake on May 02, 2020, 07:23:59 PM »
I have been fencing now for a while after buying the extra attack chance ranks on my ocean scout. I have yet to see an extra attack while fencing. Is this intentional? Seems like it sh
ould apply no matter what.
Game Ideas / Re: Reincarnation
« Last post by Zozen on May 02, 2020, 02:34:04 PM »
I like any idea that makes grouping more worthwhile.

As someone who rolled 2 chars for the first time in a long time I find the whole reincarnate feature needing a serious adjustment.

Short of it: bonuses are too good to not do it at least a few times at some point-- if nothing else than to get exotic race before you have a legend char. Everyone grinds the same zones. Inhibits grouping as everyone is at different stages of reincarnation and different alignments.

As someone who loves the grouping aspect of the game reincarnate is a super weird dynamic that dominates the game and isn't enjoyable at all.
Game Ideas / Re: Reincarnation
« Last post by Nasredin on May 01, 2020, 11:48:32 AM »
Expected results:

1) Ranking is no longer a waste of time for a char planning to reincarnate, even if they're already at 1x. Extra rank points allow the char to buy more ranks before the reincarnation and thus spend less time doing cash runs afterwards.

2) Reincarnating 6 times in a row, only then buying legendary and starting playing "for real" is no longer the optimal strategy. On the contrary, most players are likely to strive for getting rank 25 and the legendary status at reincarnation 0 or 1, _especially_ the elite players planning to do all 6 reincarnations.

3) Reincarnation is no longer "the beginning of the wipe" feature. On the contrary, the players may zone normally and reincarnate at leisure when they achieve 1x naturally, while enjoying all the advantages of the legendary status.

Consequently, powerleveling to 1x is no longer a viable strategy; the regular groups and the leveling groups should no longer exist separately.

4) I expect the players to like the idea since it allows them to buy legendary as soon as they get to rank 25 and keep reincarnating after that without penalty. On the other hand, even though the cost of the popular ranks goes down after each reincarnation, the total amount of money spent on ranks is going to become larger, which is good for Arctic economy!

As to diversity, i see some interesting strategies with the new mechanics. For example, a very elite player may prefer to get to rank 30 at reincarnation 0 and then, at 1x, just before reincarnating, sell all their legendary and other ranks and buy, say, the IMMUNE_COLD, the IMMUNE_HEAT and the IMMUNE_ELECTRICITY ranks. Repeat this scenario at each reincarnation. As the result, at reincarnation 6 (for simplicity, I assume that they're still at rank 30)
- the player spent 700k coins on buying (and selling) the ARCRIC LEGEND rank 7 times
- the cost of all the other ranks got 18 times higher and the player has to spend like another 1-2m to buy their favourite ranks
- the new cost of IMMUNE_COLD, IMMUNE_HEAT and IMMUNE_ELECTRICITY ranks is now only 5.5k!

20     Anti-Freeze            0/1 10 100000 IMMUNE_COLD                   
21     Fireproof              0/1 10 100000 IMMUNE_HEAT                   
22     Shock Insulator        0/1 10 100000 IMMUNE_ELECTRICITY

In other words, now the char may spend 20 rp on legendary and other ranks of choice and keep the 10 remaining rank points for an immunity and switch from immune_cold to immune_heat or back like after every zone!

I'm sure the creative players will find many other interesting scenarios that match their playing styles!

5) The feature doesn't have to be introduced at the beginning of the wipe. You may add it at any time; the costs are recalculated at the moment of reincarnation and do not take into account  any reincarnations that happened earlier. In other words, if you introduce the new mechanics today, the cost of fireshield remains 100k for anyone, be they at reincarnation 0 or 6, and only changes after they actually reincarnate.

In fact, the new mechanics could be even made optional, with something like option NEW_REINCARNATION. Then the players may decide whether they prefer to get a discount for their favorite ranks (and an upcharge for the rest), or if they prefer the fixed price system.
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