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Reincarnation / Re: Early Feedback
« Last post by Jorquin on September 17, 2019, 10:20:49 PM »
Long time reader first time caller. My two cents:

- XP is fine, except at 30, and the group penalty seems counter intuitive. It just encourages detachment from other players, which leads to isolation, boredom, and WOW classic.

- Rank coin cost reduction (if considered) should be scaling... I.e 20% for R1, 30% R2, 40% R3 (etc). Made these numbers up, but you get my point

- Give mages (or all casters) access to spell book shop at R7 1X which sell all spells. Gives them a real incentive to reincarnate (tanks have better rank buy options), and fixed the "I'm a small group player, how can I get prism?" problem.

- If the above unfairly incentivises casters, cut the rank point cost of some strong tank ranks (steelskin, haste, etc) and make them required certain reincarnation thresholds.

- Although I haven't seen it work, I imagine the death penalty at R4+ is cripplingly brutal. If it is, it will either deter people reincarnating, or deter reincarnated players from doing anything hard. Both of which are bad outcomes

That's my 2 cents, for what it's worth
NEWS / Re: September 12, 2019 -- DOUBLE XP WEEKEND!
« Last post by Terk on September 17, 2019, 07:46:55 PM »
Haha what a fun idea!
Reincarnation / Re: Early Feedback
« Last post by Gnua on September 17, 2019, 03:56:55 PM »
Double $$$ next weekend? Is that even possible? The idea of rotating through an event every other week or so, like this one, is pretty sweet, particularly late wipe.

how about 50% off coin cost for rank purchases?
Reincarnation / Re: Early Feedback
« Last post by Alecto on September 17, 2019, 03:14:14 PM »
Double $$$ next weekend? Is that even possible? The idea of rotating through an event every other week or so, like this one, is pretty sweet, particularly late wipe.
General Discussion / Re: Dissemination of Information
« Last post by Kholos on September 17, 2019, 12:38:35 PM »
If you come across something you think is wrong or not working feel free to ask or submit a bug report. Usually you can get an answer that either a) it's working as intended b) it's not a thing or at least c) if it's deemed too obscure it might be looked into. It really boils down to the zone creator adding messaging to keep you on track. Fortunately, zones go through a much stricter review than older ones.

As for opening your wall, maybe consider pulling a lever in a different room to open it. It's rare that a kw is a simple verb noun combination. Also consider a more intricate design where a certain order of operations will reveal a new area. Is it complex? Yes. But there should be clues or indications in the zone. Most zones are not intended to be solved in one go. You do what you can, develop a theory, and come back and try again.

Regardless of the complexities of high level zones, there is still tons of content that doesn't require kws to solve. There is a lot of content that you may not experience (IE gear) that you don't even know loads because the item is always maxed.
Reincarnation / Re: Reincarnation Thoughts
« Last post by Ericj on September 17, 2019, 10:13:21 AM »
Sorry - expanding on ideas.

1) make ranks in general 50% off MSRP.  It won't break the game and make it more fun to switch character modes.  If you want, make this for only reincarnated characters if you don't want general population to have it.

2) Give you the ability to "Swap" ranks for same or lower price weekly.  This would have to be worked in somehow with reincarnate, maybe you choose 2 ranks you like to "carry over".  I say 2, it could be 1 or 3, who knows but being able to use ranks during the grind would be nice without having to allocate 2hrs a day of coin grinding which at that point - who even plays?  Time is tough as it is to carve out to the game, I want to just don't want to have to do it to even play.

**Quick note** - if 2x experience in general is not possible (which I think should be considered) - having double experience weekends every weekend maybe?   I'm not as much of a fan of that personally as weekends as a supposedly adult with kids is no longer gaming time.  It would be nice to play this game on your schedule not on arctic's timeframe.  We all have lives we are trying to intertwine into this soul sucking addictive game :)

Again - really fun so far but already hitting the grindmode on reincarnate 2 and hope to see others thoughts and ideas.

Thanks Immortal team for the fun!
Reincarnation / Reincarnation Thoughts
« Last post by Ericj on September 17, 2019, 10:09:17 AM »
First - thanks for a fun change in the game.  I like this type of change due to the nature of being able to play 1 character without finding yourself stuck with nothing to strive for.  Below are some challenges I encountered and feedback. 

- Even with 4 days of almost start-of-wipe-playtime, it was a grind but fun since first time and seeing folks playing who have not in a while.  That being said, that was WITH 2x exp weekend.  I suggest keeping 2x exp if you have reincarnate flag since experience gains are higher per reincarnate.  Still takes a lot of time and grindy to get the results you want.

- Being neutral with this system is absolutely horrid.  Maybe change way neuts can gain exp or ability to change aligns upon reincarnate.  I know robed mages, paladins,dks this does not solve for though but worth a thought.

- Experience loss for deaths at high levels is soul sucking.  Losing 11mil at 30 just makes you want to press zero, and maybe 4 password.  Curbing death loss would be nice.  The thought of doing anything that challenging that posses risk of death just is not worth it, thus not as much fun.

- The experience at lvl 30 and not getting bonus (or a penalty, unsure how it works) is difficult to swallow.  Keep it the way it was prior to 30.

- Grouping!!!! The game is about socialization and hopefully interacting with fellow nerds, and hopefully helping folks out.  The current system discourages grouping, not as much in lower levels but 25+, lvl 30....we literally had a 6man we broke up because experience was so bad.  So instead of running storms and fun things, we broke into 3man groups mindlessly slaying guards and small zones.  This was not much fun and led to too many beers having to be drank, thus causing hangover with 2 small kids.....regretting the beers and maybe the arctic time.

- Find a way we can use our well earned rank points.  In current system, the coins are too much to really use ranks.   Nobody wants to grind coins, it is one of the worst parts of the game.  This could be fixed one of two ways (just ideas).
Reincarnation / Re: Early Feedback
« Last post by Gnua on September 17, 2019, 09:51:48 AM »
The Good
 - unlocking exotics for the wipe trash that got abandoned before legend.  i was able to exotic and legend my wipe cleric that i abandoned after i spelled my exotic shaman.  (i had a legendary exotic shaman before i got animate dead on my wipe cleric).  i dont like the idea of throaway clerics and reincarnation helped with that.  i heard someone had a mino shaman and was quite pleased to change race.
 - pickup groups with people outside the clan were fun.  it was like a miniwipe
 - reincarnation made clerics great again because the non-legend druids and shammies really dont bring enough curing power to the table
 - stats.  i tend to avoid the other sources of stats (items, medals ranks, regular ranks) because there are always much better items and medal ranks and regular ranks to buy.
 - double xp.  that was a crazy fun ride.  i like the idea of "events" where certain activities (xp, coins, ranks, skills, eq, medal ranks) become easier. 

The Bad
 - not being able to group effectively with clannies/friends that were wrong level and align

The Ugly
 - levelling from bottom of 30 to 1x is slow going.  but it did not really matter before.  now it is a major deterrent to reincarnating
 - people are short on coins again
 - if when reincarnated dk loses status, not sure what the desired and actual behavior is around spell retention and fast-skilling
Questions and Answers / Re: Armor Type, Apply, and AC
« Last post by avucu on September 17, 2019, 09:36:50 AM »
Thank you for clarifying! I’ll work on getting both I’ve been ignoring Apply in favor of AC.
Reincarnation / Early Feedback
« Last post by Kam on September 17, 2019, 09:13:03 AM »
I'd love to hear some feedback from those of you who have been able to play through one or two reincarnations.

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