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General Discussion / Re: Clerics?
« Last post by Kam on Today at 08:00:25 AM »
I feel like nobody knows about the spell cure massive that went in this wipe.
General Discussion / Re: Clerics?
« Last post by Shannow on Today at 07:32:47 AM »
PAths would be great for Cleric.

It's probably not doable with the amount of time needed but to keep it Dragonlance canon, having the ability to be a cleric of a certain god (for instance Good clerics could choose Paladine (maybe more leadership/group type buffs) , Mishakal (super duper healer) or Kiri Jolith (Battle Cleric) would be verrrry cool.

Also, please don't debuff Shamans.

Make Summon work in clan more like rit voyage.

You can't make Steelskin castable on others cause of Steelskin rank. Or make it not last very long?

Maybe more group buffs.

See Gods point above cause that would be awesome. :D
General Discussion / Re: Exotic Races
« Last post by Shannow on Today at 07:28:08 AM »
Yep, sorry folks I'm gonna agree at least in part with Kadaj on this (standard disclosure: Love the game, love most of the changes this wipe (druids, multing!) realize its free and you are all volunteers).

I do think that the people making this decision are playing this game. What I would like to see is some communication from the wizzes on their thought process behind the decision

Two issues:

1. Why rank 10? It's such a low bar why not just make exotics available from the start? What was wrong with the rank 20 thresh-hold from the beginning? Rank 20 means you had to put in a fair bit of work to get there but is not silly grindy like 25 is right now. My feeling is rank 10 is an overreaction too far the OTHER direction.

2. Per above, it does nothing to change the grindiness of the legend process. I'd rather have seen a reduction to rank 22 for legend/exotic than this change.

Again if nothing else , some communication behind the thinking would be great if nothing else.
General Discussion / Re: Clerics?
« Last post by Jorake on Today at 06:23:00 AM »
First I will say the answer is not to debuff druids and shamans.

The main thing about clerics has already been said. They are boring to play. I Mained a cleric for several years and even before shamans and druids and I still disliked it. They are the most repetitive caster class period. I will say that the cleric legend skills are super nice and it’s fun to watch a cleric obliterate with rapture AND the skill that lets you group crit is also bad ass. And legend heal can do a minor regen.

I thought it might be cool to let clerics have different paths like scouts. Healer, zealot(melee damage) and holyman(group buffs).
General Discussion / Exotic Races
« Last post by Kadaj on Today at 06:00:29 AM »
November 20, 2018

* Magical anchor has been fixed.
* Exotic races are now available once you hit rank 10.

- Adepali / Kam

So......I am probably not the only one who finds this extremely annoying. Yes ranking to 25 is harder than normal, but rewarding people who can make it to rank 10 (which should be everyone) vs people who had to spend an entire month extra to unlock exotics seems like a bad decision. If you do that, you should allow the people who currently have a legend char to reroll that character into an exotic race.

What this does is devalues everyone who put the time and effort into rank 25 to get an exotic race. Exotic is a huge increase to stats, but I know personally and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, people who have rank 28+ characters now, especially a caster doesn't want to go out and respell up, reskill and rerank an entirely new character.  There's a reason I haven't started any new characters, it's because the grind to legend is abysmal and is something I'd rather not do again. You can get rank 10 in a day, so you are just going to allow them the chance to focus their efforts on an exotic and get it to legend but the people who already put the time and effort in are left with literally nothing.

I think a lot of these ground breaking changes should be left up to the people who actually play the game instead of 1-2 people making decisions for everyone.
General Discussion / Re: Clerics?
« Last post by gulca on Today at 02:02:11 AM »
I'm not sure if cleric changed too much since I last played, but I usually try to legend one if I had a chance.

Here are some aspects of cleric things I find fun. Some might not be true anymore...

1. Gate: ability to conjure different class charmies with their skills or spells. It's like having a minor dual class.

2. Animate: having corpses that hit harder than tanks and with right weapon, they are immune fire/ice shield

3. That legend skill that makes you hit really hard. Fun when you use a 2 hander and have a paladin haste you. Double obliterate.

4. Turn. Ok I have been deleted over and over the wipes for this but it's still fun to do. Also a quick way to regain xp.

5. Summon circle and utility spells. Nice way to pick up players over the course of zoning.

6. Sunray: fun spell even if it doesn't work most of time

7. Healing mist: I think it's a nice concept that it flows into other rooms and stackable. I would increase the random healing or decrease the spell circle.

Here are some suggestions maybe to improve the class

Dispel evil/good: aura that doubles dam against opposite alignment

Steelskin: cast on others

Heal: stays with the char until he reaches below zero and it heals to full. Wears out after 1 min. Yes now tanks can tank overkilled damages and soth. Only 1 aura at a time.

Cure crit: this will take the heal place. Massive instant cure.

Turn: after activation, auto turn effect every round on undead and zombified targets. Either hurts them or decrease their stats.

Animate: I agree most corpses should be animatable. I also believe corpse should share some damage with the owner. The more corpse he has, the more danger he might have to face if they take damage from area.
Maybe limit corpses to different categories, high hp low dam, high dam low hp. Everytime you call them from a different room, they lose Max hp and dam?

General Discussion / Re: Clerics?
« Last post by reed23 on November 19, 2018, 06:47:00 PM »
I've mained a healer for about 15 years now.  The only reason I play a cleric is because they are the most powerful class days 1-6 of the wipe, which are the days when the most hay is gained or lost.  After day 6, they are completely useless outside of about 5 fights in the entire game.

I enjoy playing a healer, but mostly because I am one of the leaders in our clan.  If I was merely following a clan leader around, i'd script the healer and never look at the screen.

From a healing perspective, druids & shamans are a hell of a lot easier to heal.  There are heal-over-time spells that make you have to pay attention to the healing aspect a lot less and allow you to contribute to the group in other ways.  Heal should be the buffest and easiest healing spell in the game.  Period.  Currently, it isn't.

Animates - over the course of the last 10 wipes, immortals continue to nerf animates into oblivion.  I'll take the blame for most of these, but it's harder and harder to find elite animates anymore.  Also, animates not being able to do several kws, etc. make them hard to utilize in legitimate zoning.  Wheras spirits pop out of basically every mob and can be called from zone to zone and after KWs need to be done i.e. enter mist.  Also, control is a skill, not a spell - another check in the Shaman column.  Having to cast the animate spell, dealing with failed animates, bapt it gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

No alternate use - druids and shamans have great altnerate uses and therefore make the classes more enjoyable to play.  Druids have better frags, prep, and movement helps.  Shamans have elite dps and their pets are so much more user friendly and easier to obtain.  Clerics have 0 frags and their pets are almost impossible to manage from zone to zone.

Easy fixes: make healing mist an ELITE spell.  not a dog shit spell.  make healing mist rank an ELITE rank.  It should be on the same level if not more buff than healing wave/cloud.

Make almost every mob animateable and once animated, "callable."

Make spells like flameshroud, cause critical, dispel evil/good, etc. legit frags.  I'd make flameshroud an area frag.

Give clerics legit prep spells.  Currently, I can't think of a single prep spell I use for the group outside of cloak of bravery LOL.

Having some sort of DPS route that clerics could get +dams and make them a melee class would be an interesting option too.
General Discussion / Re: rank 25 required for legend
« Last post by Malaki on November 19, 2018, 06:34:49 PM »
I think the intent and goal was a good one for trying to get people to play longer and more.

But a few factors had the exact opposite effect. at least for me.  Prior wipe expectations etc,

Was looking forward to the fact that i could at least get to rank 12 or 15 by the end of the wipe weekend shenanigans.  Being neutral on rush always sucks cause xp is way less, takes twice as long to grind to 30, than it does for a evil or goodie. so ranks literally were the only thing to look forward to doing the zones most evil or goodies wouldnt the first few days.  Then putting in the same grind and i would have to check my logs but i think we weren't even enough rank to barley buy canfly ranks by the end of the long weekend.

But ok thats fine, then the 2nd hit, Rank 25 to legend..  Rank 21 is achievable solo for the most part, but 25 is a hell of alot more grind, solo.  Grouped not so much if your in the main A team zoning group.  So need to be the primary of the right guild/class.

Then the implications of the full impact of rank 25 legend and legendary races, i would be committing so much more grind and time into a character with crappy stats, compared to normally rolling what i wanted to play as a legend race then putting most of my effort into that character.  (Maybe de-link the legendary races from the legendary rank requirement) So when you make it that far its actually on a character you wanted to.

Stayed long enough to help others grind to legend, then I was just burnt / spent.  Everything just seemed so grindy, even the though of starting a 2nd character while not finishing one to legend or even rank 20.  Was just so demotivating, i was done for the wipe.

I think it was a mixture of lack of announcing the intended changes, and expectations, and grinding a neutral.  Basically taking time off work to put in my initial grind to get over the hump so i can just maintain and enjoy the playing casually during the work week in the evenings.  Became unacheivable, and made the long weekend grind less valuable than if we had just all waited 2 months and started / rushed.

Really really loved the changes to druid, that was badass.
General Discussion / Re: Clerics?
« Last post by Malaki on November 19, 2018, 06:12:37 PM »
After your fully spelled and got some nice ranks and maybe some gear, so your rolling 10+heals, meming in single tics and have over 550 hp steelskinning, etc - Love them for single person dps and exploring, but i roll my clerics like tanks.

Fully spelling up such a damn pain, and thats when you have multiple clans of people helping try to spell you up.
Grindy, and for the value unless your brute forcing a fight which you have to single or double heal each round for a few minutes straight.  You can probably just roll with a shamy / druid in the group.
Did i mention Grindy, and also its a one sided role focused on healing for the most part. when compared to the full spell list.
Its hard to resist fully scripting / triggering / aliasing your way through this roile, cause spamming group every round, and scanning and doing math on the massacre per groupmate vs obliterate and their max health and who needs a heal first vs when your lagged, vs primary heal and 2ndary or tank heal vs group heal.

Would be nice if:
There was some variation over direct instant healing, and healing over time.
The output / there was some command to run to help track in real time your groups HP's and debuffs etc.
Every spell you study, is a chance at something you dont have, no more recognize or nn.  This is so aggravating especially at higher lvl spells.
Adopt a WoW style of spells and types of clerics, or atleast look at the mechanics and setup on how they do it.  Not quite like magic users and the different robes, but maybe something along the lines of hey DPS cleric, Healing Cleric, PVP cleric.
Condense down all the spells to the core function spells, healing, prepping, damage.
Make alot more spells divine, so i dont specifically have to memorize c food or water or restore etc, managing your spellbook i think shouldnt matter as much just so long as your memmed.  Maybe just have a memming debuff when switching roles from healing to damage or whatever for a handful of tics.  And do away with managing a spellbook entirley.

Would rather have classless characters, or multi class characters and i could just swap roles as needed, and grin the skills / spells as needed without having to change which character im logged onto.
So i dont have to grind my way on multiple characters multiple times, to and through legendary.
Give them alot more xp for healing group mates, just like melee gives xp for hitting.
And if everyone is going to script / almost fully automate this type of character anyway, why not make the skills / spells that way in game. (Setup healing target priorities / roles etc)
General Discussion / Re: Clerics?
« Last post by gnua on November 19, 2018, 01:42:54 PM »
Tell me what you like and dislike about clerics.

Like: they are great early wipe and are the glue that keeps a group viable.  word summon cloak gust are great spells and no other guild has all 4.  i hear legend animate, rapture, ameliorate, legend heal, legend steelskin is great.  i wouldnt know, i've never had a legendary cleric.

Dislike: very hard to spellup compared to other casters.  our clan had two legendary exotic shammies and two legendary druids (making non-legend clerics pretty much irrelevant) before our wipe day clerics started getting spells like circle and animate.  when asked to rent bots to make room for real people, people (myself included) would rent the cleric (because we were not expecting to legend it) and keep the non-cleric.  groups could then fall apart because the cleric rented.

I think the dragonlance books pretty much sum up the role of a cleric:

“You have served my purpose, Revered Daughter,” Raistlin said, his voice as smooth
and cold as the silver blade of the dagger he wore at his wrist. “Time presses. Even now
come those to the Portal at Palanthas who will try to stop me. I must challenge the
Queen, fight my final battle with her minions. Then, when I have won, I must return to
the Portal and enter it before anyone has a chance to stop me.”

“Raistlin, don’t leave me! Please don’t leave me alone in the darkness!”

Leaning upon the Staff of Magius, which now gleamed with a bright, radiant light,
Raistlin rose to his feet. “Farewell, Revered Daughter,” he said in a soft, hissing
whisper. “I need you no longer.”
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