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Title: combat mechanics
Post by: gulca on January 03, 2014, 08:27:18 PM
Just one more idea to lengthen combat/saves/damage pvp battles.

Introduce group saves.

1. Each group will have max skills and spells for "group saves". Solo players will be treated as a group of 1. For example, if a group has shaman, warrior and red robe, they will have the max axe weapon from warrior, stupefy skill from shaman, concentration from red robe (a few examples).

2. Each damage skill/spell will make "additional" roll against group saves.
a. Weapon damage will be rolled against group saves and damage deducted if saved.
b. Similarly spells/skills would be rolled against group saves and damage/effect deducted if saved.

Here is a melee and spell example.
Locki (with superb axe) and Cyren (with spell harm/blind) is fighting Erika (ocean wielding axes) and Kaput (another cleric).
Erika went 6X melee on Cyren (with annilhate dam per melee).
Since Locki has a higher superb axe skill than Erika, after the group save, Erika 6X extreme on Cyren.
Kaput sunray on the same round.
Since Cyren has the spell "blind", Locki gets a bonus save against sunray (but fails anyway since he sucked).

Skill example.
A group with a shaman will have better chance of saving against an enemy stupefy.
Similarly a group with black robe will have better chance of saving against nightmare.
Same thing goes to entangle/ice storm type.

Group save: Spell
There will be greater chance of saving against spells if your group has the same spell. Else, partial save will be added if the caster has the "slot" for the spell. Ie, a group with a black robe with 9th circle will get partial group save against enemy nightmare. A robe from a different path will get less group saves.
1. same spell: group save at 50%
2. same slot (no spell) same class/robe: group save 25%
3. same slot different robe: 15%
4. no same class/robe: 0%

Group save: Melee/Skill
The group save against skill would be dependent on type of skills. If it is damage based, then like melee, there will be damage and "miss" chance. If it is effect type, then there will be duration reduction and save bonus.
1. Group melee type higher: group save at 50%
2. Group melee type same to 20% lower: group save at 25%
3. Group melee type lower than 20%: group save 5%

So, if you bring a variety of classes in your group to battle, chances of surviving is higher because most of the spells/skills/damage would be reduced considerably (assuming the group had skills trained higher than enemy).
Title: Re: combat mechanics
Post by: Aristox on January 03, 2014, 09:15:17 PM
What the hell you say?
Title: Re: combat mechanics
Post by: snax on January 03, 2014, 10:03:31 PM

Title: Re: combat mechanics
Post by: Gnua on January 03, 2014, 10:19:24 PM
What the hell you say?

I think gulca is saying that there should be some sort of reason to have a mix of classes and is proposing that each class gives a defensive bonus against their 'style' of pk.

A pure group of blackrobe will then be highly vulnerable to sunray, bash, melee weapons, archery, prism, stupefy.

If they drop one blackrobe and replace with a healer, then their vulnerability to sunray is reduced. if they throw in a 2nd healer it wont help the group's defensive power in pk. so maybe they throw in a basher so the group is harder to bash. a mixed group then becomes fairly resistant to everything. with 10 guilds and 10 members in group, then a group with one each is going to have a significant advantage which can counteract any imbalances between the guilds because there will still be reason to bring someone from a 'weaker' guild.

so even if barbarian or shaman is considered too weak to bring to pk, then under this system a group with a barbarian will have an advantage over a group without one because assail will be unimpeded by these group saves.
Title: Re: combat mechanics
Post by: Gnua on January 04, 2014, 12:01:24 AM
What the hell you say?

warriors create an unstackable aura of anti-pk (warrior)
clerics create an unstackable aura of anti-pk (cleric)
black robes create an unstackable aura of anti-pk (blackrobe)

result: a group of 10 black robes will suffer greatly vs a group that has one black robe and lots of non-blackrobes

not sure what i think of this idea, because i'm still at the stage of guessing what is being suggested.
Title: Re: combat mechanics
Post by: gulca on January 04, 2014, 01:15:17 AM
gnua-1 and gnua-2 described it correctly. Are you forum-a/c-sharing? hehe

What I'm suggesting is that if you are a master axe wielder, you know enough axe related moves to counter swings from your opponent who uses axe. And if you are way more advance than your opponent, he should have a major disadvantage. Replace the word "axe" in the above statement with skills/spells/weapon-type and you would still get the same kind of benefit.

Now the leap of faith here is that you bring this idea and apply it to your group member as well. (I think this is where Aristox went ???). This can be explained with the master (whatever skill that was involved) shouting/yelling at his group on how to dodge/deflect whatever that is coming at them. Imagine having a coach next to you and advising you how to win your match.

I'm of course stretching the logic a bit here but goal here (group-save) is to reduce damage/spell effects so fights are longer lasting.

This would give people a good reason to train other weapon skills (to get the group save bonus up), bring different variety of classes, and counter any kind of class bombing.

Example, a lvl 30 mage with superb bludgeon (25) tries to out-hack a lvl 20 warrior in a no magic room. The warrior has avg bludgeon at (33) and above avg axe (40) as skills. The mage wields a 2-handed staff, and warrior wields an axe. As it turns out, the mage would have a hard time hitting and damaging  the warrior because the warrior has a higher bludgeon skill than mage (50% missing/damage reduction). The mage who has no axe skills have no such bonus. Even when the mage is using a 5d6 weapon and warrior a 2d7 axe, they would be kind of evenly match.
Title: Re: combat mechanics
Post by: Ezio on January 05, 2014, 07:03:49 PM
How is this balanced pve is the question.