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Title: Stronghold quests
Post by: Jarrad on September 04, 2013, 07:27:17 PM
I would like to suggest some simple quests linked into the different stronghold  purchases to really encourage people to put the time into developing their stronghold.

What I am envisioning is something quite simple. Once your stronghold reaches a certain level of development, lets say for example inn, smith, alchemist you can purchase a quest master.

Quest master has a list of quests varying from simple to hard. Some examples would be to gather recipes for the alchemist to enable purchase of some extra buff potions or scrolls or ingredients to create such items, gather materials for smith to craft into medals and other gear.

Some quests would be chieftain only also. Chieftain only quests would be quite challenging but not ridiculously obscure and would provide such things as a rechargeable mass recall item with use of once per week only useable by the chieftain.

The theory behind this is to give people more to do once they have hit the end game, and items such as rechargeable mass recall offer options with exploring, escaping from ambushes, and gathering the balls to fight...
AND the same hints would be provided to everyone, in theory meaning that every clan would eventually have the capability of attaining the stuff
Title: Re: Stronghold quests
Post by: sart on September 04, 2013, 07:30:28 PM
Title: Re: Stronghold quests
Post by: btown on September 05, 2013, 02:43:49 PM
yea,  I think a lot can be done with the strongholds.  people spend most their time there anyway
Title: Re: Stronghold quests
Post by: Ezio on September 05, 2013, 03:25:59 PM
First off let me say that this is a great idea that I think people would enjoy once it is fleshed out fully..

I am going to throw an idea in here I had yesterday that is along this same stronghold quest thouht-line. I was thinking that the mud could use something that would sort of facilitate pk a bit more. It seems like there is this negative connotation with some involving killing players, and this "trash" word gets thrown around all the time. I thinkhaving a goal or benefit to be obtained through crafty pk could be a cool addition to the game. So here is the bare bones of it.

What if tthere were basically 2/3 idols. I will refer to them as strength/wisdom/intelligence (or named after some arctic gods or whatever. These idols would come into play as strongholds come into play, maybe after the third or something not sure on this yet, but it doesn't matter. They would be hidden throughout krynn with some obscure kw in some random zone.

The idol of strength would be maybe +5 or +3 to all weapon skills and combat skills (bs/bash/etc) of whatever clan possessed this idol.

The idol of wisdom could be +5% to all experience gained for the clan in posession of it.

The idol of intelligence could be + 5% spell damage or if that is overpowering it could be a utility idol for +5 non combat skills or +10-15 HP or something to boost casters.

Once SH reached a certain level, like innkeeper+alchemist/forge you could place the idol in your sh to activate it. Something probably thief only to get in like legend thief requirement to get into the room or grapple up from the forge or something. Global messages when someone picks it up so we know who to pk. Make the idol super heavy or make it so if you carry it you use 15-20 Vs per room so that solo is more difficult to pull off. Have a timer of 10-15 tics from when it is picked up u til it poofs back to the last owner or back to the zone it was found in after the first grab. This would inadvertently make sh wards less of a shitty buy also.

I don't know the coding restrictions so keep that in mind. I think end game would be much less boring and it would promote some healthy pk action and group battles wouldn't be only happening over the clan leaders gear coveting. This is based in theory on a mud I played as a kid that was shut down to be used as the engine for daoc. In that game there were three desperate realms and you couldn't inter-realm pk but I think the theory behind it could really be a benefit to this game.

Maybe it could get us going in a positive direction with regards to pk.

Idk let me know what you all think.
Title: Re: Stronghold quests
Post by: Ezio on September 05, 2013, 03:53:41 PM
Toss in some sort of vault able guild gear that is no drop bonded, can only go in possession or infinitely in vault. Few pieces maybe 4 that are just like 3d5 prime and armor that is just like shop armor apply/AC only so when one clan raids another you can die and still be in a position to fight and defend your idols if you want to
Title: Re: Stronghold quests
Post by: Dyl on September 05, 2013, 04:31:57 PM
Going after 'idols' or whatever sort of trophy item sounds really cool.  I'd like to add the idea that where they load be pretty difficult zones and envision lots of pvp and pve in them to acquire them.  Additionally, timers need to be set on them otherwise I can see a select few having all 3.  Let them decay after a certain time so that they are regularly in contention.
Title: Re: Stronghold quests
Post by: Ezio on September 05, 2013, 04:34:30 PM
I agree. Have a timer activated once all idols are possessed by one clan.

Bottling would likely become more of an issue, though.
Title: Re: Stronghold quests
Post by: btown on September 05, 2013, 04:47:16 PM
Now you guys aren't making any sense