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Title: The pk thing
Post by: Jorquin on July 29, 2013, 10:13:01 PM
my suggestion would be two changes.

firstly, slash the amount of damage done by players skills, spells, abilities, specs, wands, charmies and scrolls when used against other players. some skills/spells are worse than others. punch is a joke at legendary, confusion attached to a 80hp no lag ability is just broken. spellcrafted spells are often ridiculous aswell, thunderbolt is the key offender. bash does probably too much damage as well, so does granite hand, and theres a lot of animate-able mobs that are messed up aswell, i'm not going to list them here. volley is pretty dirty too, but you don't see it much. legendary paladin strike is gross as well, actually. mountains also have some issues with burst/anger.

secondly, change the way aggressor flags work. cutting player damage against other players is going to make killing a player harder, thus its easier to escape. that's why aggressor flags should be changed to make players nosummon, notether, immune to word of recall, druid winds, and unable to use recall scrolls entirely along with a slightly longer duration (maybe 20 minutes?). this will force aggressor flagged players to literally run for their lives (or to a hiding spot). without the option to get summoned or recall, it should make players somewhat easier to hunt down once they're actually flagged, effectively negating the increased survivability.

the power of hunt, track, temp and clairvoyance should be bolstered as well. like reed said earlier, basically the only way right now to find anyone with half a clue who is trying to hide is to trash teleport.

feel free to tell me how stupid i am and that these are all horrible ideas.

edit: mages probably shouldn't be able to relocate to players when flagged either.
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: Jozheg on July 30, 2013, 12:43:28 AM
It's actually either the former or the latter. But I like the ideas.

If the imms wanna reduce the group's size, they shan't nerf the damage output. But they apply the flags mechanics the way you describe.

And the other way around, if they slash the PC damage, then it'd be double hit to the gut with PK being made the biggest challenge to perform in this game. I mean, to PK you'd have to either have no brains (or nothing to lose attitude), or have a big force supporting you (big bad group behind you). One might as well just remove PK.

Adding my 2 cents regarding PK:
- remove who command whatsoever (maybe just leave the count of PC online);
- remove the names from PC, make them only seen through group/clan who (all) commands.

The latter thrills my imagination. You log on to see XX player characters online. You can't tell who's who. You're not acquainted to them! When you pass them, you see "An adult human is standing here. (flying) (invisible)" etc. To kill him, you gotta type "kill human". You can't relocate to anyone but your group/clanmember. You can see his clantag though (can prove helpful in wars). Neutrals stay more safe from being slaughtered as suspects. You can't highlight them for grouping with an opposing clan straightforward way. Need a lot more intelligence to figure this through eq/behaviour analisys. And still, to pin this unnamed PC, you gotta locate/look at it. And it'd still say "YYY is used by an adult human."
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: Gramm on July 30, 2013, 02:51:56 AM
I certainly would like the idea of making punch its own round of damage myself, i mean this wipe for sure was the wipe of the warrior, and everyone know the freshly buffed class is gonna shine : ) but im sure the tweaking of the warrior class cant be finished yet. PUNCH OP
vigor is a nice enough bonus : p Some of the best ideas ive seen this wipe be for sure making aggro players unable to see who.(thats a keeper!)
Some norelocate equipment would definatly add an interesting twist to events. Perhaps more nosummon gear without the MASSIVE minus damage penalties would be a sick idea too.
But i agree that taking down damage done by skills vs players would be good. You would see more people having longer battles and or less of the 10v2 successful hits, encouraging more of the smaller clans to step out of the inn knowing they have that slight chance to escape if they do happen to have a large enemy crew waltz in on them without successful holds or paras landing.
Id love to see more druids back in the pk! and other smaller classes! its hard to fathom though knowing that 2 bashers in a group will mercilessly poo on them inbetween battle rounds with a few punch/bash combos!
Also i might be confused or just out of the loop but does it seem like 100% of every duel with a basher will result in disorient? If i have my dun mir capper i should be able to get 100% decap rate in a fight also then haha otherwise its just not even : p
not complaining just stating how strong ive seen the legendary basher become id certainly love to have a few in every group i was with!
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: ralfiepoo on July 30, 2013, 05:41:06 AM
Id love to see more druids back in the pk! and other smaller classes!

Did they ever leave pk? I just don't think that many play them as main char if you refer to them lacking in pk logs. Imo nothing wrong w them in pve or pk, they're great.
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: Gramm on July 30, 2013, 09:42:52 PM
Lets see it then ralfie poo!
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: ralfiepoo on July 31, 2013, 12:35:39 AM
Lets see it then ralfie poo!

 I can't play US times these days, nor do I really have the desire due to lacking time either.
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: Brafu on August 01, 2013, 01:10:15 PM

You're stupid and everything you say is ignorant! =)

But seriously, the main thing I disagree on is the idea of bolstering hunt/track ect. to make it easier to find people. Personally, I think that the power of these skills/spells as is are one of the reason's pk can so easily be taken to the extreme. I think we should aim for making it harder to find people in general and to make actually hunting someone down (at-least for non-flagged individuals) a real chore and not something easily done.

I posted an idea on nerfing said things and how to do what I propose (it's long so I won't rehash it here, but it's not too far down the list) already, and why I felt it should be done. My general thinking is to, at the very least, get to a point where someone could log on and pick any random zone they want and go solo without having to worry too much about that pesky group of evils having a bead on them before they are even half way through the zone. My idea might be too much to implement, but I think my intention behind it makes sound sense.
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: Bryton on August 01, 2013, 09:43:51 PM
I agree with boosting track, tempt, and hunt. The game is way to big to find people with the way these skills/spells currently are.

I don't agree on making it harder to escape. Not being able to recall or wind if you get ambushed is a pretty lame idea.. So if I'm a warrior and three people ambush me, I flee and run until I'm out of moves then I die?

Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: snax on August 01, 2013, 09:49:01 PM
carry putrids?
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: reed23 on August 01, 2013, 10:33:03 PM
Agree with Bryton.  The game is enormous.  There are countless number of no track/no hunt zones.  Without teleporting/poofing mages, its basically impossible to find people who know places to hide.
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: Brafu on August 03, 2013, 02:38:00 PM

I disagree.

Perhaps when the hunted is someone accustomed to being hunted (such as you two) it might be hard to find one or two people (or a small group), but that's not normally the case with the people who tend to get the worst of the pk stick and who's enjoyment is ruined by it. The fact is that you two are part of the problem and making it easier for you guys to harass people isn't going to help the game at all, nor would it help you all that much either since it would mean you would have less chance of running and hiding after you jack someone up too. Unless of course you both plan on passing the eq to unknown's or alts... but we all know you both would never ever do that =P
Title: Re: The pk thing
Post by: Jorquin on August 12, 2013, 09:43:47 PM
haven't looked at this thread in a while, so this is a late response to bryton:

no. you got attacked, you're not aggressor flagged. you're free to recall. you'd only be prevented from doing all the listed actions if you had performed an action that would flag you aggressor.