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Title: Spell bought ranks
Post by: Kholos on April 19, 2017, 10:29:58 PM
The rank system is the single greatest addition to Arctic. It is a way to customize your character in ways that benefit the casual and hardcore player. In response to the hybrid-class that's been talked about for ages, I submit an increase in the uniqueness of ranks. Take a page from the Charmy playbook, where Dark Knight, Paladin, and Mage 'pets' can purchase spells. This has already been implemented to some degree, as you can buy steelskin/vitriolic shield/nightvision/canfly/detect good ranks etc. I don't envision Power Word Stunning warriors, or Healing thieves. But a trial run could be accomplished by adding some first level spells for purchase, such as barkskin, blur, ancestral shroud, create food or what have you.