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Title: races and abilities
Post by: Gnua on January 23, 2013, 10:27:42 PM
i was looking at the 5 basic abilities (str, int, wis, dex, con) and noticed that of the 10 pairs of ability, no race has the "strength-intelligence" pair. Was this a deliberate omission? Every other pair seems to have at least one race with that pair.
str-wis: human, str-dex: dargo goblin, str-con: hylar mino ogre
int-wis: elf hill gnome, int-dex: gnome elf, int-con: theiwar
wis-dex: kender phaethon, wis-con: hylar (sort of)
dex-con: kagonesti

Given that there are 3 str-con races, maybe one of them could become str-int. Ogre might make sense because of the ogre-mage and also they had some common roots with elves in the dragonlance series if I recall correctly.
Title: Re: races and abilities
Post by: Chisul on January 24, 2013, 04:03:38 AM
This reminds me, there was an awesome post on the old forum on the new stat rolling system which included these really cool stat charts for each race.

Any chance somebody saved that bad boy and could repost it?