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General Discussion / how is randoming still a thing in this game?
« Last post by steve d on October 21, 2021, 10:19:52 PM »
"pvp" is so stupid in this game. 

a spelled mage can just relocate to me wherever i am in an instant and have both of my guys cc'd before i know what is happening.  there is nothing sporting or interesting about it.  its an execution.  and then after i re-enter the game he kindly lets me know he didnt loot.  he didnt even want my stuff.  so why did he do it? 

even if i wanted to fight back (which i dont) the power gap between him and me is so huge i would never be able to kill him.  and if i tried it would probably just excite him making him kill me more and more.
you cant even call this pvp.  this is more like a full grown man seeing some kids having fun playing basketball so he takes their ball and kicks it onto the roof.  because making them suffer is fun.  and what can the kids do to him really?  in this park that kind of behavior is allowed.

its pretty rare to get randomed in this way, but it doesnt feel good. if i want to keep playing this game i have to just cross my fingers that maybe no one will kill me today.  while at any moment on a whim, a sociopath can just come and destroy my fun in seconds.  Or i can just go play basketball somewhere else.

I think the treasure find and set trap are two interesting ideas that would add benefit to the class for sure. Would add a big reason to bring thieves to pvE and could make them defensive players in pvp
General Discussion / Re: Alt Classes
« Last post by Nostramazos on September 26, 2021, 03:37:12 PM »
Ocean/barb is secret Myth power strat. Good to see Reed respects the genius.

You tried Ocean/Barb duo? I did Ocean/Paladin duo. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
General Discussion / Re: Alt Classes
« Last post by mpriki on September 21, 2021, 03:36:05 PM »
Alt classes dk-scout-thief ?
Get a cleric, a tank and 6 more, really just anything...
Then zone ..... Simple? Just dont go with 7 casters in nomagic fights.
Game Knowledge / Re: Class Specific Item Set
« Last post by Kyuss on September 20, 2021, 06:02:45 PM »
It would be nice if Full Druid set had RECLAIM LAND by 5. Seems most other full sets have a + to legendary skill.
General Discussion / Re: Dear immortal staff, please consider the return of the skill FLANK
« Last post by gulca on September 20, 2021, 07:14:45 AM »
Here are some new game mechanics that might fit a thief class.

Besides giving a list of items on target, it also can return a list of memed spells.

Castors spells are diverted as if confusion is cast. Works with specs.
Also, besides switching target to thief, mobs affected will follow thief out of the room leaving their post.

Treasure find
Increase chance of spell load, coin drop increase and chance of rank point increase

1d4 rounds to setup, mass entanglement with the following effect. One setup per room.
1. Whiff
2. Trip and sits
3. Trip and hit own group
4. Trip and hit self
5. AC=0

Damage demon
Damage + 1 stacked for consecutive non miss and same target.
When target dies or change, damage is reset.
For example, a thief will have +10 dam after 10 non miss hits while in combat

I think envenom should be more controlled with different types of poisons
1. Temp blind
2. Temp silence
3. Temp paralysis
4. Memory loss
5. Slow
6. Target cant be cured for 1d3 rounds
7. Weaken with chance of fumble
8. Confusion
Flank was bonkers OP back then. Then again, I also recall Bob blastwaving us for 400hp in a 10v10 and facemelting our whole group in that same era....

Nostalgia aside, thieves are the second worst class for groups right now IMO. Red robes take the cake for being garbage-tier after they got hotfixed from being just disgusting OP early wipe. Thieves are probably middle-of-the-pack to good for duo content, but are still miles off the optimal combos.

Agree they could use some love for group play, but not sure raw damage through flank is the answer, but I also have no other suggestions. I'm helpful like that.
NEWS / Re: July 1, 2021 --- R.I.P. Rorc
« Last post by anticorruption on September 18, 2021, 12:44:04 AM »
i'm 42, and i clearly remember Rorc since 90s. Remarkable intelligent person. RIP
i suppose skill rush is better to return
General Discussion / Re: Dear immortal staff, please consider the return of the skill FLANK
« Last post by Kir on September 16, 2021, 11:07:23 PM »
Bring back flank.  Make Thieves Great Again!  Thiefs have been nerfed into oblivion and are utterly useless.  I'd take Aspasia or Chaun over current thiefs.  Give them some love please so they can leave the "bitch disabler" rolls they are in.

I agree with this post. Now that there is a 2 character limit, thieves (who used to be the top soloers) are no longer even close because now "solo" is a two character combo. I've heard of people doing glymmer with a white robe\shaman. I know Aranaea does much content on a black robe\shaman. I know a legend druid\palain or cleric\warrior or cleric\barb etc etc is way better at

A thief with average eq + curer can solo nearly any content in the game they want. The biggest annoyance is nostab stuff but envenom is strong and there’s lots to work with in their kit. I agree in an 8 man a thief doesn’t bring much to the team but in a 2 char group they’re still amazing. Is there a solution to thiefs role in big groups that’s not just more damage?

Well, in most games there are tanks/dps/support. I dont see thieves as tanks or support so it leaves dps. In most games rogues are pure dps so it makes sense to me that rotating flank back in (which by the way was VERY fun to play) would be the best bet. It wouldnt overly change anything when it came to soloing but would bring them back into the mix as dps.
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