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Game Ideas / Re: Remove strongholds - too long for idea command
« Last post by Willoe on October 19, 2021, 05:18:53 AM »
Don't hate this idea. As much as I love having my own inn it definitely is anti-social.
Game Ideas / Remove strongholds - too long for idea command
« Last post by corey on October 18, 2021, 05:00:00 PM »
Remove strongholds. They depopulate towns and destroy immersiveness. Keep clans. Add "favoured" or "home" towns. New rooms are created for each town representing old benefits except portals. Portal rooms are removed. This repopulates towns in the game.

A clan can choose a favoured town. For instance, SHIELD will choose Balifor. Enough CRP would have to be earned by a clan to activate a room similar to the old system. For instance, 1) the blacksmith bonus can be added to the blacksmith room. 2) Inns will give rent reductions based on your home town. 3) Margaret(s) alchemy shop provies brew/scribe bonuses, offers free empty potions and blank scrolls when using those skills in that room.

None of these bonuses become active until one clan decides to pay for it. Obviously, some rooms like guild mem rooms become redundant. Perhaps a stronger benefit can be applied (even quicker memorization. I don't think this is a problem when you're in a town anyway).

Multiple clans can choose one home town, but everyone will have their favourites and build them up as such. Anyone from any clan can choose a home town and receive these benefits. Non-clanned players can also choose a town themselves because why not.

A clan or clans can build up a town to maximum potential over time. They can decide to move on to the next to help it out, or stay where they enjoy their home.
Game Ideas / Re: Pirate Class
« Last post by Tajs on October 17, 2021, 04:04:39 PM »
Sounds fun - I'd play it!
I like that you can swap stances according to your role - perhaps use a cooldown instead of outside combat?
Game Ideas / Pirate Class
« Last post by mpriki on October 17, 2021, 11:19:18 AM »
Ok i had i crazy idea i would like to share with you, A pirate class!!! Pirates are DL themed.

Enjoy !

Pirate Class

What is a pirate's place on Arctic?
its a melee class agility and charisma based, jack-of-all-trades and master of nothing. they can pin enemies , avoid flatten, evade and pick doors.Can be tanks OR damage dealers , single OR area dmg
They Have to prepare themselves to be effective and cannot change their mind half-way and thats their weakness, taking the proper supplies before set sails is an art.
They use pirate's garb as an offhand that deals special dmg , stacking +dr eq wont be effective on a pirate

[Long Blades] [miscelaneous] [short blades]
[Sure Footed] A life time fighting on land and seas taught you how you can stand at your feet .
   Passive skill that helps you avoid flatten
[parrot] can use the parrot to do various things
   1.leave parrot guarding and area , wiz eye yelling on mob entrance
   2.An extra pair of eyes at your shoulder, awareness and stab prot
   3.Order the parrot to scan areas, scout the mobs on chosen dir
[Reputation] You chose how you want people  to receive you .
   A Stance skill that needs to be out of combat, Proper appearance needs time to set and needs at least a day to set again, skill's power determined by CHA
   1. Pirate Captain inspiring and protective    +Max HP -AC +[rescue] skill + [imposing figure] skill
   2. Dreadful Pirate uses fear to cause havoc   do more damage and use more often [pistol] and [bomb] skills
[Finese Blow] You chose to sever a muscle with a very precise hit. needs a weapon, quality increases effectiveness
   1. Leg (bash)
   2. Arm (increase chance to fumble attacks)
[pistol Flintlock] Pirates have access to gunpowder and pistols , Ammo set is a time consuming act , needs to set before combat and needs at least a day to set again
   1. Single Ammo for higher dmg
   2. Scatter Ammo For area dmg
[Bomb] Creating special Bombs , creating bombs is a time consuming act , needs to set before combat and needs at least a day to set again
   1.Fire Bomb area fire dmg, and burn
   2.concussive bomb dmg and may Stun
   3.powder creates choking gases that increase chance to fail spellcasting or fail to speak
[Follow Foe] None can esape you. using your high mobility to prevent foes from reatreat
   passive skill that hits your target hard and prevent him from escape tactics like flee or fade
[set explosives] set explosives to open locked things
[Pirate Garb] Pirates using the awe-inspiring pirate garb and they are masters
   Creates a pirate garp, has no dice or dmg stats, can be used as an offhand. The garb's quality affected by CHA and usage by DEX
   1. While on Pirate Captain Rep using the garb to avoid hits , like an area shield block but less effective than shield block
   2. While on Dreadful Pirate Rep using the garb to land some extra havoc, lands special dmg rip guts etc 1-2 hits dex based (no str or dr added to damage, only damage done)
[Pirate Words] Using words that cannot be spoken unless you are an experienced seadog
   1. While on Pirate Captain Rep Inspires Hatred on enemies, Aoe taunt
   2. While on Dreadful Pirate Rep inspires Fear on enemies, Aoe reduce dmg done
[imposing figure] Your presence inspires your crew and your enemies . group buff that must be activated like Battle cry
   1. While on Pirate Captain group cloak of bravery -hr on enemies
   2. While on Dreadful Pirate Rep Bloodlusts group +damage done while enemies -hr

Legend Skills
[Ghost Captain's Locker] by the years you managed to find a magical locker of the great pirate king, by opening the locker the ghost of the pirate king aid you as a presence to your doings blah blah
   1. While on Pirate Captain Rep increase sturdiness even more , lim dmg, -AC +CHA
   2. While on Dreadful Pirate increases value of hits
[certain death] When the pirate feels that life is ending adrenaline rushes, automatic at 50% of HP
   1. While on Pirate Captain Rep reduces damage taken and can stand even if bleeding to death (delay death)
   2. While on Dreadful Pirate increases value of hits and can stand even if bleeding to death (delay death)
I think the treasure find and set trap are two interesting ideas that would add benefit to the class for sure. Would add a big reason to bring thieves to pvE and could make them defensive players in pvp
General Discussion / Re: Alt Classes
« Last post by Nostramazos on September 26, 2021, 03:37:12 PM »
Ocean/barb is secret Myth power strat. Good to see Reed respects the genius.

You tried Ocean/Barb duo? I did Ocean/Paladin duo. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Game Ideas / Re: Shaman Suggestions
« Last post by mpriki on September 22, 2021, 05:40:36 AM »
I dont know what kind of spirits you find , never payed attention to that , usually i use any spirits available on my way but in my mind i see hits from very hard to massacre with an average of extremely hard which is very ok to me. Never seen annihilate

Need to check logs to see if thats true.
Game Ideas / Re: Shaman Suggestions
« Last post by corey on September 22, 2021, 12:16:12 AM »
I consider my self as an experienced shaman
Playing since they came out shamans. totally focused on shamans

At corey spirits cant annihilate under normal conditions, if u prim fury, bash, etc on trash mobs then yes, corpses and mage charmies do oblits

Shaman can heal but cant save lives like cleric does. On critical moments cleric is needed , most trash healing a shaman yes can handle , better than a cleric or a drood, btw cultivate is a great spell.

Use cure critical and consider invest on some healing done ranks and equipment.

U guys forget that shamans have the lower hp pool in game and shamans need every single stat , too much effort at least they do some dmg

Shamans are so much buff dependant dispell/steal buffs and reconsider the dmg or healing they do. Buffs makes shamans great.

About changes on shamans imo remove legend ghostskin and control , replace them with a rank that make him a curse master and legend transmogrify something like when duration ends they become normal spirits again.

You just need better spirits I guess. I can log in and have 4x standing annihilate massacre spirits in less than five minutes from multiple different places. Double that damage with ghost dance
Game Ideas / Re: Ocean Tanks
« Last post by mpriki on September 21, 2021, 03:53:52 PM »
Legend whale is something like 30ish hp which is sad imo

Make it like +5%  +10%hp for legends including any eq and buff gains that would be something like +50 to + 65 hp which is more reasonable for a tankish ocean
Potentially an ocean could end with 750+hp which is okay for a tank

Zap is a great skill
Hypnotize needs a review imo
General Discussion / Re: Alt Classes
« Last post by mpriki on September 21, 2021, 03:36:05 PM »
Alt classes dk-scout-thief ?
Get a cleric, a tank and 6 more, really just anything...
Then zone ..... Simple? Just dont go with 7 casters in nomagic fights.
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