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Title: Quitting + Thief Stuff Soloing
Post by: Heo on February 09, 2018, 05:35:40 AM
So, today I got home from work, assembled some nice prep, and got ready to solo Terzaks.

Ended up getting it to awful but died in a spec-lag chain.  Oh well, lots of deaths. 

Except, I can't CR, because the 4d4 and replacement gear that I keep on my other chars were completely wiped out.  So now no good way to CR, and all the stuff I'd compiled zapped.  No limit items on there, all solo popped, but decided to wipe it all out.  So, it was a good time to call it quits I think, but I really do question how much this has improved the game?  I realize I wasn't targeted specifically, but as someone who doesn't group or have a clan, not a lot of great options.   Sucks.  I've DTed plenty and lost sets, but this is just insanely frustrating.

Anyways, just wanted to make that point, on a shrinking playerbase, all that really accomplished was making a guy who helped out newbies and soloed a bunch quit.  Because he had stored a bunch of non-limit stuff that it took a while to accumulate.


That said, I really did enjoy my time back on Arctic.  I made a healer, but healers are totally worthless with Shamans or healing cloud druids I think, so was bored, plus, didn't have time to go grouping.  Later made a thief, Qwerzareqwexe, with the intention of being able to play when I had free time on the side and explore all the zones I never really did while I was in clans.

I highly encourage people who want to learn zones to make a thief - what makes them truly great is their ability to snag a ton of prep fast and not need that much eq.  My thief just had a 4d4 +2dam stabber that's fragile from a place and armaboro set + a nice prep item or two that were no rent. 

Really they are fantastic because with legend fade they can get anywhere, regen rank + regen eq, dodge, etc.

I ended up soloing the following, with just prep and mostly naked eq besides 4d4 prime.   Hopefully it encourages others to explore/solo some zones:

Solo List

   1. Irda - Clagon / Htoll / Raylax / Tarl / Mazuz / Sun Child / Loklomin / Bard / Terahio / Uzo / Joslen / Phoenix / Ur Agrahim / Hermit / Lammasu / etc
   2. Balifor Bay -  Shiar / Karine / Viper / Balrog  +Gruarth + Engla
   3. Sanction - High Priests/Cervos/Beholder/Dolmo/Concubines/Weaponsmaster/Skie/Captain/Kitiara+ Ariakan
   4. Shroomen - all 4 imps and illusionist
   5. Bog Dragon/Lord Trachyte/Evil Spirit
   6. Lunitari - Qualm + King/Cupelix/Bmobs/Lunitari Avatar
+ Void Beast
   7. Shadow - Caldean/Walcanar/Aegis + Tero + 5 Headed
   8. Theiwar - Simm/Emaciated Dwarf/Widow Queen/Spider Demon
   9. CK Trio + spirit + dragon + shaka+ all of CK
   10. Lemuria - weaponmaster + king + guardians + God trio at end
   11. Forgotten Temple - Tesiak/Balor/Krona/General/Ombra/
   12. Celestial Temple - King/Unicorn + Basilisk/Chieftain
   13. Stone Dragon at Lok Tath
   14. Mystic Queen/Dragon +all of mystic besides vault/king
   15. Tantallion - Bruno/Lord Curston
   16. Astinus
   17. Silent Observer/Savant/Shadowlord
   18. Dargo - Mayor/Prince/Lezi/
Speaker of the Moon
   19. Lord Gargath
   20. Pyramid - Vorquin + Silver Serpent + Commander + HIgh Priests + Korquet + Banshee
   21. Ancient - Valinda/Keeper/Handmaiden/Evil priests/creature of mirrors/trainees/
   22. Garnet Mobs- Stoneroot/Pitch/Galan/etc
   23. Izmeralda - Golden Dragon at Mystic
   24. Vry Kith Tower
   25. Torak
   26. Cabre
   27. Shyn
   28. Raple
   29. Fordus
   30. Zirko
   31. Neraka - High Adjudicator/Slith/Arena/Center area mobs/Zirko/Statue of Takhisis
   32. Delphon - captain, merchant khan, mercantile captain, druidess, high priest/lava creature,
Diegl + Friar Sabayr Felinas + Dyarg + Condor
   33. Khariolis with Theiwar Invasion - Kayhar/jehnzen/etc
   34. Thorbardin - High Priestess of Reorx + Council + Lady Vera + Portia + Ambassadors
   35. Graknar -  Grap
   36. Sorinthalas - King
   37. Thief guildmaster in Bali
   38. DKO - Nightlord/High Priestess 1/High Priestess 2
   39. Captain of Pal/Charles Strongarm
   40. Crytic
   41. Thieves Cove
   42. Illrigger
   43. Palanthas thief shop
   44. Ansabar/Stingworm
   45. Largus - Black Dragon/White Dragon/Green Dragon + High Priests
   46. High Executioner of Balifor
   47. Mayor and Lord and all of Lemish
   48. All Garnet mobs - Stoneroot/Pitch/etc
   49. Gulfport Emperor
   50. All bali mobs
   51. All solace mobs
   52. All palanthas mobs
   53. All Neraka mobs
   54. All kalaman mobs
   55. Physix
   56. Ancient Red Dragon
   57. All of Boku
   58. Bandit Swamp
   59. Jungle

   61. Lytburg
   62. Sahuagin
   63. Plane of Vasmaarg
   64. Crystal Quest Dragons
   65. Patriarch in Caergoth
   66. Mordred Drac Tower
   67. Riddler in Fyzia
   68. Lord Falstaff
   69. All of Shayds
   70. All Kender Ruins
   71. Taeldeth
   72. Dargaard Valley (evil)+good
   73. Balcombe

   74. Boylein
   76. Newport mobs?
   79. Terzak
   80. Lytburg
   81. Deep Mine Quests -
   82. Newport Guildmasters
   83. Vry Kith Tower
         84.  Sinia Tsaroth

   1. Albert
   2. Phaethon

   3. Torak's Retreat
   4. Htoll
   7. Citadel of Dracos
   8. Full Galazor
   9. Full dragonarmy refuge
   10. Forgotten Temple
   11. Lytburg
   12. Mound
   13. Newport Guildmasters
   14. Taelan Doth
   15. Greenen Dragon
   16. Luni - King/Cupelix/Bmobs/Lunitari Avatar

   19. Merchant and guards
   20. Tarsis Wastelands
   21. Temple of Haven - High Priest - Spirit of Terrapin
   22. Thieves Way - Surlon / Jack / Jardel / Allen Scar / Master Acrobat / Master Trainer / Sally Dale / Widower Mike / Geoffrey the Guildmaster
   23. Tirabot - Sea Golem / Grimsoar / Gerik / Ellysta / Tarothin / Hawkbrother / Eskala / Pirvan / Haimya / + Floating Spectre / Undead Knight

   25. Prince Lyzian and Mayor in Dargo
   26. Albert/etc in Tarsis
Title: Re: Quitting + Thief Stuff Soloing
Post by: Willoe on February 09, 2018, 05:56:58 AM
Sorry to see ya go buddy. If and when you come back hit me up.
Title: Re: Quitting + Thief Stuff Soloing
Post by: Jorake on February 20, 2018, 12:32:13 PM
You just envenom the shit out of everything?
Title: Re: Quitting + Thief Stuff Soloing
Post by: Heo on February 21, 2018, 10:57:50 PM
That plus tons of prep that thief was able to scrounge up quick, would usually have a bunch of darkness scrolls, stoneskin, enlarge pots, AMS, mirror (for stabbers), rabbit bone, steelskin (though sometimes I questioned how effective this was), rescue charmies, 6-8 heal pots, fireshield/lightning shield/iceshield, resist magic 50, lim dam, +tons of regen.  Mobs like Cupelix that were no_stab took quite a while, but with lim dam and envenom could get their damage pretty low.  Prince of Dargo was obnoxious with those stupid bubbles.  Biggest risk was mobs with nasty lag specs like Samus or with a bunch of bashing/high damage minions (like Ombra).  Armaboro was a really good set for doing that stuff.  Also, I died a lot if got hit with bad luck on a bash or other lag hit. 

I will admit that I did multi to do storms but only because of the stupid feature that can't be done by thief but can by lvl 1, but for some reason had issues with Steel keywords, so after Romis had to bail.  It was tempting to multi legend healer with animate + thief, but never did, but if I had I'm sure could have done way more epic stuff.  Thought about pking (or at least sneaking in and healing some mob like Soth), but liked most people too much. 

Also, legend dodge + 28 dex + kender is a big win, lots of mobs would whiff on spells/bash/hits.
Title: Re: Quitting + Thief Stuff Soloing
Post by: Jorake on February 21, 2018, 11:32:15 PM
That sounds so epic. Now I want a thief lol.
Title: Re: Quitting + Thief Stuff Soloing
Post by: xellos on February 22, 2018, 10:19:52 AM
Come try Albion Online, League of Legends combat but with full pk and full loot....its like arctic 20 years ago.
cross platform so you can play on computer and do passive income stuff on an android phone.

Here is a clip of us running into trucker joe

Diving dungeons and wiping other players

zerg vs zerg
Title: Re: Quitting + Thief Stuff Soloing
Post by: Heo on February 22, 2018, 05:09:11 PM
Looks fun, but I get addicted to games far too easily, I'm sure that would destroy my life, haha.

If I were to ever do another wipe on arctic, my move would probably be to quickly create a kender thief since they can pretty much get unlimited coins/prep in a short time, then make an evil dargo basher and go after the haste rank.  Haste + legend + legend bash -->  32 rp, plus ring ranks for can_fly/dev invis/sustenance/+2 dex
Title: Re: Quitting + Thief Stuff Soloing
Post by: Selik on April 09, 2018, 03:29:21 AM