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Take a chance.  Maybe hire me on fiverr (I'm not registered yet) but I will register and make up epic bullshit and include partial truths if I have any.  If you're lucky, VERY VERY lucky, you'll get something that resembles the full truth.

btw, nate et. anyone else come out of the woodworks and chat me sometime.  I'm bored.  Bored of this game, and bored of staring at my ceiling as the years go by while taking care of my mum.  Got my fish pond like 60% done before I decided to call a 5 year pause (2 more years left before re-attacking it)  Hope you're having better luck with your dottir than I'm having with mine.

I read my pms here.  I'm so bapting bored.  But not bored enough to play this wipe.  That would require alcohol in copious amounts, which sadly I don't do anymore.


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ya. me too
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2016, 12:15:32 AM »
Hi, this is olas (matt) and whoever else from wipes back.

if nate wants to call me so i can apologize about my incendiariness of ranking to 20 and wanting to test bash damage, getting into a flame war leading me to stop playing / and / or laugh at me six-to-six foor-3-sevin - fiv,ninir,tree, sebben

if the leader mike of that clan (maza, with the nice tower and fountain at the to) still plays, text or email me also.

or anyone else, really, who knew or know who i was... oligo/tim/nate/andreas/gramm/jason/ all the other names I can't recall
at this second.

-mattjen500@0utl00k.c0m, six-to-six foor-3-sevin - fiv,ninir,tree, sebben


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Matt it's s Andreas. Welcome back mate. We have been missing you. Look for Karzan or Nostramazos and I will fill you in.