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a wish
« on: July 23, 2015, 01:51:23 PM »
hello guys

i am playing Arctic since 98 with some serious breaks

last wipe couldnt join due to personal reasons but was in 3-4 wipes in a row before that.
Arctic is the best game ever created!!! i am not a child anymore i have to work and i have a family.
i believe most of us at 30+ age
Arctic's problem is that is a time consuming game for 2 reasons
1. Rent cost
2. Item Decay

I try to avoid join because i am an arctic junkie.
so what is my opinion?
Since player base is too low atm, why you dont remove rent cost on equiped items, item decay and remove the limitation on limit items?

whats the point of having limit while player base is 20-30 ppl?
i dont know if i am wrong , but If it was less time consuming i could join every wipe, maybe more ppl could join as well.

i read forums and arctic elay every week but i afraid to touch it :P
i hope you guys are well , keep the magic of arctic alive!!!


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Re: a wish
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2015, 05:29:59 PM »
I think the item limit system keeps the game exciting. What would be the point if every character was stacked with the same eq?

That being said, it's A LOT EASIER than ever to equip yourself enough to be useful.

When I first started playing I got pk'd over swordman's gloves and 3d5 3/3 primes. You can't give that stuff away anymore :)


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Re: a wish
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2015, 08:35:07 PM »
The decay system has been broken for years.  It is not fair to the rest of the players when someone can basically quit the game with 100k coins to keep them rented for 500 days and pieces of their equipment that are somewhat limited will not be in the game for the rest of the wipe.  One of my buddies had a lim 2 druid ring rented for over 3 months and he logged on the other day to see most of his gear still there.  That is pretty stupid imo.

Several people have proposed the following - Gear's decay timer is only running while people are rented.  While you are logged on the game, the timer does not run.  That incentivizes people to play and penalizes the deep-renters.  And for the casual player, average gear could have longer decay timers - i.e. 2+months.


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Re: a wish
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2015, 07:53:48 AM »
well my proposal is about 3 things

remove item limit
remove decay
remove rent for equiped items

i believe that arctic will be less time consuming with those changes which is my point on this post
so no matter if you have a great item rent for ages, there are more
i dont feel excited anymore about item limit which is the reason of clan wars since the player base is too low.

anyways maybe my proposal is totaly wrong but my point is that if you find a way to make arctic friendly for casual player , it will increase the player base.


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Re: a wish
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2015, 03:44:28 PM »
Most equipment (pretty much everything but limit 1 items) should be transitioned to a low load % but no limit configuration.  Actual load rate could be based on how good the item is and difficulty of where it is loading:  dmg boots or legs might be 2%, a 20dmg primary in a hard zone might be 20%, and a 20dmg primary that is solable might be 5%.  This is one of the ways most MMOs keep people playing.  You identify a piece of gear you want want you grind the zone until you get it similar to how spell loading currently works.  There are several advantages to this system:

1. Rewards people for playing and for zoning. 
2. Makes it irrelevant if someone is deep renting.

For the items that retain limits there should be a two way timer that basically works something like this:  it gains a tick for every hour the player is rented or in a peace room.  The rented tick rate increase for every so many days the item is rented/in peace room without ever leaving a peace room.  It loses a tick for every hour of play not in a peace room.   Once it reaches a certain number of ticks it decays. 

Those rates can be set so that a player with the item that actually plays an hour or more a day never has to worry about it decaying.  A player who can only play two or three hours a week could still expect it to fall in line with current life cycle.  But if it is deep rented for a month without the user possessing it ever leaving peace room for several hours it decays automatically.
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Re: a wish
« Reply #5 on: August 17, 2015, 10:13:00 PM »
mpriki!!! locki here man stop your ranting about low costs and log slacker : p i teach you to load cash fast. its easy problems will be solved.
get enough cash in an hour to rent for 2 weeks lol. just ask man! more than happy to show you where and how.

and good to hear from you again! where u been hiding!