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Quest to Join Knights of Solamnia Broken?

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I am stuck in Garret.  I can't find any way to gain access to the mayor's office in order to report in.  I'm not asking for someone to tell me what the exact keywords are.  I enjoy the puzzles.  But this one seems broken as nothing I can do seems to work.

It's not broken, but it's offensively obscure.

Things I have figured out so far:
1. When you rest or sit in the secretary's office in the Garret town hall, there's a thing about waiting your turn to see the Knight.
2. When you get the quest to begin with, the Knight in Solace says that the mayor is reclusive and it can be hard to get her attention.
3. The mayor's door is always closed and locked.
4. If you listen to the Knight in Garret, he tells you a sad story about wanting to adventure again.  He also talks about his friend Frank, who is the innkeeper.
5. There is a letter on Knight's desk about his request for training facility funding being denied.  The letter recommends improved trading with the gnomes in order to pay for it.
6. There is a theiwar prisoner in the jail who will instantly agro you when you walk in.  When he dies, he gives some cryptic sort of "We'll be baaaaaaaaack..... gurgle... die" emote.

These things don't even really sound that related.  Budgets, boredom, and evil dwarves.

Short update:
You can get the key to the jail from the secretary's desk if you try hard enough.  But all that does is let you go kill the dwarf and see the warning.  Unless there's something else you can do with the key....

When I was there the first time, the door to the cell was unlocked, but the dwarf was alive in the cell.  So I'm wondering if there's something to do aside from killing him.

And someone felt bad for me and helped me out.  Without giving away any real keywords or answers, let me say what the heck?  You literally have to break in to the mayor's office in order to prove your worth as a Knight?  I would bet real money that the Measure does not permit breaking into the personal office of a Knight of Solamnia to show them how awesome you are.


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