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What time of day (in server game time) should a new wipe open up at?

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One of a few polls to get an idea about what works for people on starting a new wipe.

The times are based on the time I could do it, so don't try to vote for things not on the list.  Some stuff is going to have to adjust to me.

I think people should be rewarded for having a JOB.  So how about start the wipe at 5pm for once

5pm system time is 6pm my time is taking care of kids/getting dinner ready time.  I am unavailable from 6 until 9:30pm CST every day of the week because children.

I'm good with 3ish, but I guess it really depends the actual day of the week too. The weekends are, usually, far more open than the weekdays (as I would assume is the case for most people here).

out of curiosity, how long does it take to 'do' a wipe? is it simply a case of deleting every player or is it more complicated than that?


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