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Flesh Shield Damage Messages
« on: September 06, 2014, 10:00:48 PM »
Suppose you or a group member has flesh shield up, and gets hit. The message you see will be one of,

A blow glances off a piece of flesh circling you.
Terk's blow glances off a piece of flesh circling Coolkid.

The problem is you can't tell how hard the flesh shield was hit: was it "extremely hard" (about 18 dmg) or an "annihilate" (about 45 dmg)? Knowing which is pretty important, both for flesh shield management (do I rend yet?) and for quickly seeing the status of group members. As for my own flesh shield, I actually have a timer that, when in combat, does "affect" every second, captures the output, and shows me what the flesh shield is at. Not ideal and sort of spammy, but it's vital info. However for a group mate, it is much harder to figure out how hard their flesh shield is getting hit and hence to plan accordingly. I know this maybe doesn't really matter for a 10 man of all legends with 3 dragon orbs, but I think it would be useful in a smaller group doing a hard fight. So I suggest messages like:

Terk stings the flesh circling you extremely hard.
Terk massacres the flesh circling Coolkid with his sting.

So it's just the standard melee damage messages, with "the flesh circling" inserted. This might screw up some people triggers, but I think those triggers could be fixed easily.

The issue though is that the "A blow glances off a piece of flesh circling you." message is used also for passing through fireshield, freezing aura, etc. So there my suggestion is to make the message,

The flesh circling you feels a sharp chill as you swing through Terk's freezing aura.

This way you don't see how much damage the flesh shield took (to keep it consistent with having no flesh shield and going through an aura), but at least you see that the mob has a freezing aura, and it is damaging your flesh shield.