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Re: Spell damage mechanics
« Reply #15 on: August 28, 2014, 04:43:37 PM »
Thank you, Myte!  Does the spell_saves_mod only help if youre below max 28 int, or is it most effective to max int and combine with the rank effect?

I think you are starting to ask some rather subtle game mechanics that are best left for your own exploration or private messages rather than answered on this open forum. For me at least, part of the fun of this game is that exact formulas and mechanics are not publicly known, and instead have to be discovered with experimentation. I still periodically see conversations on the MUD about what affects bash damage for example, and that is kind of awesome.

I agree, and i think this comes back to solo-explore vs group-explore.   Personally,  i enjoy solo exploring things like zones, storylines, kws, no_lore items, spell components, etc.  I enjoy coop-exploring subtle game mechanics and core functionality of things  like the combat system. 

Without open source coding, subtle mechanics often can never be defined, and at best can be shown to have a likelihood or high probability of functioning in a specific manner.  In my quest to min/max my characters, I spent literally hundreds, maybe thousands of hours testing minute combat mechanics in D3 and WOW,  and discussing the findings with the playerbase, who did their own testing on peripheral mechanics.  By combining experience and knowledge, we all benefited.

I recognize information in Arctic is not shared as openly, and there is a lot of gray area.  If I ask for info on something which I should be testing on my own, I apologize.


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Re: Spell damage mechanics
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Hoss can't stop me from trashing it up... but he can stop me from doing it for longer than half a minute!