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For us noobs.. what is dps?

would seem the ability to hit with an offhand qualifies as melee dps being shamans are not rated as such. But what makes me wonder the most is the fact that paladins are classed as healing. makes me wonder being that the group size will be limited to 5 how effective as a healer they will be. hyb dps i guess just tells you that the class will get some form of argo spell as well as being able to hit with an offhand.


--- Quote from: patersmith on April 24, 2014, 03:56:44 AM ---For us noobs.. what is dps?

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damage per second.

although i always used to think it was damn poor sucker and when people used that acronym i responded by trying to lure and tended to break aggro on mobs.

I love that EVERY class is DPS...
Paladins as a healing/dps without tank ability is definitely a big change...


Are bows being removed?

If not: are the "ranged" flags being removed and rangers will wear the same gear as other melee dps types? Or was ranger just flagged "melee dps" here because no other class is technically a ranged class? Are bows going to just be considered (in the game files) as another type of melee weapon with a higher skill cap?

If so: Are new ranger only weapons going to become available? Will rangers be a dual wield or 2h class at this point in the dev cycle?


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