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Re: This game is funny (just a few observations from this wipe)
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@ Ravan

Dear Ravan, you cannot really equate the two view points presented in these forums. One is based on the aspects of the game that make it fun such as zoning, grouping, dieing and dting. The other is based on devoting all time and energy in hunting people who will not, do not, have no inclination to hunt back.

Thus, one group is not bitching but is stating the obvious. "We cannot play the game as we could and, for a number of reasons most relating to time restrictions, we will not go after these people."

The other group, however, is engaging in constant bitching. When they win a battle, they display class and sash, the "I don't care attitude, it's just a game." But when they lose...have you talked to them after they died?

I have. Tears came through my screen. For a period of time the world is a cruel hateful place, full of wrong and injustice and a public that is against the efforts to make this game fun. Bipolarism though does not stay in one state for too long. Rage comes after the tears, immense hate and bitterness and thoughts of vengeance through blood carnage. And then comes the power tripping, constant, relentless and oppressive for them and us.

There is no doubt that the second view point is unsustainable. Firstly, arctic is not a game any more but a job of penis worshiping. Secondly, hate will keep you awake only for so much. Thirdly, eating chips all day makes you fat and sitting in a chair all night hurts your back.

The zapping of their e.q. was in fact a chance for liberation from an oppressive state of being and SOB took it. They are free now, hovering in the bliss of "forced retreat by higher powers". They will be back cause bad habits and sick relationships try hard. And the cycle will begin anew.

@ all: Some further comments.

Between Maza, Kos, Myth quitting the game and Sob quitting it, I choose Sob. Just my personal opinion though. Also SOB remember, we are not laughing with you but at you.

Solutions for next wipe on the pk concern code tagging clans or characters as no pk with whatever limitations that may bring in eq. That will be the key (not levels or ranks, we still like to kill higher end mobs).

Anyone who rage quits over being pked once or losing eq, should not play this game. Maza provides help to individuals with PK issues as victims or perpetrators through the program On Edge Of Extermination (OEOE) where we dress you up with eq and make you dt.



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Re: This game is funny (just a few observations from this wipe)
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  I think you are under a misconception of what the two sides are.  There is RGB+thralls and everyone else.  If people understand that they would be better off.

Red Goblins Law.
 About Me:
 1. Me rules.
 2. All Me says you must do..
 3. If Me says nothing, you can do what you want.
 2.1. If Me says something, you may not do it, but Me will bash you.

 About Stuff and Other
 1.Who looted it, keeps it.
 2. What you looted, that you keep.
 3. If you looted something that killed you - don't whine after.
 3.2. Looted too much, - share with a comrade or be buckled and die.
 3.3 Don't know with whom to share - give it to Me, Me knows.
 4. Found Stuff and it is not tied - bring it to clan.
     You don't need - some other needs.

 About Enemies.
 1. If you dont know someone - sure hes Enemies.
 2. Friends of Enemies - sux and must die.
 3. Found a Enemies and hes not held - hold it and bring to clan.
     You dont need - some other needs.
 4. If bored - bash Enemies
 5. Found a Enemies and he wants to bash you - run fast, may be hes not
 6. Found many Enemies - run fast and tell Me. We will go Hunt them.

 About Fights and Hunt
 1. If all go hunt Enemies - you also go.
 2. If noone go hunt Enemies - dont go alone or they will bash you.
 3. If unknown comes and tells you to hunt Enemies - better run, he must be
 4. If someone killing Enemies nearby - wait until finished, loot and bring
 to Me.
 What to do if  Enemies caught you.
 1. If Enemies caught you - you sux and must die. We wont help you.
 2. If Enemies ask you something - answer the truth: you sux and know

  If people would live by RGB law life would be a lot more easier for them.  Anyhow this was amusing and key to understanding the current Arctic politics:
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Re: This game is funny (just a few observations from this wipe)
« Reply #47 on: July 16, 2013, 06:48:00 AM »
And the award goes to Keila for best actress.


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Re: This game is funny (just a few observations from this wipe)
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OMG i forgot that awesome video was around.. OeooeoOEOEoeoe


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Re: This game is funny (just a few observations from this wipe)
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Best. Rules. Ever!