Author Topic: December 6th, 2013 -- New Shoes  (Read 5565 times)

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December 6th, 2013 -- New Shoes
« on: December 06, 2013, 09:07:45 PM »
Welcome to the new wipe: December 2013 edition

I would get all mushy about thanking the staff and players, but we just did that last
wipe so I will dive right in. Welcome to a new wipe of Arctic Mud, there are not a
lot of new features going in but we did want to provide the players with the soft
reset they have been asking for while development of our new systems are taking
place. Thank you to the staff and players of Arctic, enjoy this new wipe.

General Changes:
Experience point table reworked (see "level" command in game)
Befuddle code (punch, stupify) removed due to game crashes
Stat points gained or lost from aging have been removed from all playable races
Most races have seen a slight buff to their racial abilities
Hundreds of typos have been identified and corrected

Class Changes:
Shaman: Goblin can now play as Shaman
Scout: Hit point gain increased slightly
Thief: Legendary fade rank no longer allows fade when sitting/resting. Chance to
refresh movement points on fading added
Paladin: hit point gain range improved

As a final note, I urge all of you to play Arctic responsibly and respect your fellow
players and staff. The staff will no longer tolerate outbreaks of cheating or abuse
of game mechanics. This also goes for those few of you that play the game solely to
remove the fun from others. Consider this the only warning you will receive.