Author Topic: A way to bring up mobs' AI to that of a human  (Read 3524 times)

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A way to bring up mobs' AI to that of a human
« on: September 15, 2013, 01:02:29 PM »
Just a weird thought here.
(And of course, implementing it would give up too much a game info and mechanics, though it may be balanced in some way, I think).

So, the idea:
A player, logging into the MUD, has two options: either log into one of his player characters (gotta make it so one player has all his chars bound to one account of sorts), or he could log into a mobile of a zone, that's being done by someone at the moment he is logging on (so that he won't spend his eternity waiting for a party to hit that zone).
In the latter case, the mobiles of choice should be strictly dependent on the max level of this players' set of characters (so that a player with only a level 10 basher won't get an opportunity to log into Cyan).
To make it more competitive, if the player, who logged into an NPC loses a fight to PC party, he loses a level on all of his characters. Otherwise, he gets nothing but a deep sense of satisfaction. Maybe, he gets a chance of looting some items from the corpses of dead PC's (perhaps, make some limit on the weight an NPC could carry, so he wouldn't loot too much).
The repop timings on the zones with player controlled mobs should be fix, so that the win/lose call could be checked.
PC's should be able to log into mobs of reasonable strength (not some kind of brog's worm, rather some like brog's chieftain), e.g., we could start off with the rank mobs for such a list.
Also, in case of logging into a mob, the player should spend his time controlling it either till the zone's repop, or some fixed amount of time. Why? I imagine the warring clans logging into boss mobs of the zone, that's being done by the rivals, to prevent from popping some elite item. On the one hand, it makes up for some competition, on the other, the NPC'ing clan could beat the poppers and log their PC chars to loot the corpses. That's not good.
Anyway, that's just a draft of an idea.


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Re: A way to bring up mobs' AI to that of a human
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2013, 07:37:15 PM »
That would require a huge amount of effort on the part of the staff, and I'm not sure what the benefit would be...just make a red robe and teleport in if you wanna kill people while they are zoning....