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Re: Arctic MUD Essay... My Thoughts on the Game
« Reply #60 on: August 31, 2013, 09:06:49 PM »
I have been tracking this thread and didn't really want to post on it, because it degraded quickly into the typical poo-flinging and I don't have the time nor patience to sift through 100 lbs of shit for that one small nugget of gold. I have honestly been waiting for the thread to reach Godwin's law so that I could lock it.

I am more than happy to have discussion, debate and heated argument when it is productive, this isn't one of those threads.

The thread starts with several underhanded attacks on the staff, the players and everyone "else" that doesn't have the same ideology as a single vocal group of players. Some statistics are shown, grumbling went back and forth between some players and then we try to realign under the botting ideology as the only solution to world hunger. I am not giving Sally Struthers a single penny.

We looked at many things when we opened the discussion about multiplay/botting up, knowing that it was a Pandora's box. We appreciated the feedback that was given from many of you, and came to the conclusion at the end of the day that it was not a direction that we were willing to move in. What came next was expected, and very draining on us.

Instead of the community banding together to propel the game forward, we are now bombarded with diatribe after diatribe and it has only reinforced to me that Aristox and I made the right decision at this point for the game. I ask now that we agree to disagree on the matter and keep some civil dialogue going that will actually improve things. You have all heard me before say that I detest the "win at all costs, drive people from the game" mentality and it is the pro-bot camp that I see this attitude displayed the most.

There are many aspects of the game that the staff is currently working on to improve, but I would love to stop having my drive to move forward on those items drained from me every time I read one of these threads. We are moving in a forward direction without botting/multiplay, I would like you all to get on board and help the Arctic community improve but I am not going to continue along this path.

Hunger is no laughing matter.
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I agree with Reed in that It would be a joyous occasion to hear about what our esteemed Overlords have planned for us. Back in the days when the immortals were adding super fun changes to arctic like when they implemented new fun legendary stuff, and the robed mages. Those were exciting times and brought players back. Heck, people like me and reed actually made twitter accounts just to follow Aristox's every tweet. Then this wipe when they made the ranking better (cool change) but the xping horrible (awful change), several friends of mine just quit before level 12 because they didn't want to grind. I know many hardcore arctic players that simply did not play this wipe due to the grindy xp tables, and I feel like that was a change that drives players away. So I am very optimistic about what Hoss and Aristox are planning, but I am wary that without letting us know what they have in store they might open themselves up for another disaster like the xp changes and we'd be seeing 60 people on by day 4 of the wipe instead of the typical 100+. Lets be honest, all of the lower immortals are sniveling yes-men, so the forums are really the only way to get feedback on new ideas.


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Re: Arctic MUD Essay... My Thoughts on the Game
« Reply #61 on: September 01, 2013, 12:39:09 AM »
@daniel:  Of course, I am going to post on my opinions of what is good for the game; what am I going to do, post your opinions?  Everyone perspective is going to be based on his or her own experiences.  I'm sure if I always had a 10man available every time I logged, I would care less about this issue.  What you consider useless, a lot of others have complimented, both here on the forums and in game.  Why should you be judge and jury?   Why have an Arctic MUD forum if not to talk about Arctic MUD? 

The easiest thing to say is, if you don't like it: leave.  Guess what, a lot of people HAVE left.  The initial post was about things I think should be fixed to prevent more from leaving.  People focused on multiing/botting because that is the issue people are most militant about (on both sides).  While there is a single vocal group of players pushing for multiing/botting, I think you guys should keep in mind that we are also the majority (see earlier statistics, plus the previous poll) even if this isn't a democracy.  For every instance of someone not on the forums who apparently must be against botting/multiing, there are the more concrete examples of the Danes/Finns/Russians that also didn't participate who would be likely to be pro-botting.  That is all I have to say about this topic; I am going to stop talking about multiing/botting in order to not drain Hoss's old man energy too much.

I think that Tacoman's post went a little far as well.  I have discussed this with Hoss on MUD and like he said, we agree to disagree.  I also agree with Kir that the Aristox/Hoss combo (with others) have brought us great improvements with initially ranks, then legendary, and robes.  I will echo what I said initially that they believe they know what is best: I live around Missouri so you have to "Show-Me" before I will believe it.   I certainly hope they are right.  The immortals would prefer to wait until stuff is more fleshed out; I agree with Reed that the earlier we know something exciting, the better.  We are all passionate about Arctic, otherwise I would be playing COD#8 or something like that.

There are plenty of other things that I think could be improved on this game.  If multiing/botting is not on the table, what are some other issues you guys would like addressed?  No one seems on board with my decreasing overall length of zones.  :-(  There is a lot of hatred about the current pk system...
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Re: Arctic MUD Essay... My Thoughts on the Game
« Reply #62 on: September 02, 2013, 08:25:39 PM »
i still think that the game is best enjoyed like a fine wine.  while mentally altered and over a long period of time.


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Re: Arctic MUD Essay... My Thoughts on the Game
« Reply #63 on: September 04, 2013, 10:56:07 PM »
So I wanted to jump in on this too:) I do feel like the whole "LUBE" thing should be more open. I would love to have more info. I think what someone else said before was a good point. I think the playerbase should have input on what changes are coming. It is not for us to say "no don't do that we refuse" because you will do what you think is best regardless of what we think anyhow. It would just be nice to be included on the decision making process of whats being taken out or added. And even more! It would give those of us who quit for the wipe some insight and maybe some motivation on coming back.

All this flaming of "you are horrible for the game" get real. Stop being so damn bitchy Gramm! Either learn to get better at pk like reed or just quit bro. The only thing he's really doing that is illegal is botting. Other then that, he is just good at pk. That is the aspect of the game he enjoys and the one he plays for. You constantly want to look down at SoB clan or ANY clan that is warring your clan and winning because they are better at it than you. You and others want to say "We like to zone and be friends and lick each others lollipops." And NO ONE chastises you for liking that part of the game. No one says "hey Gramm you are a piece of shit because all you wanna do is zone endlessly and kill mobs over and over" You really gotta either accept that this is a pk mud or quit bro. And its that attitude that is RUINING the game. It isn't what everyone else is doing. It is yours and everyone else's that acts like that's attitude, someone crying when something isnt going their way every time it doesnt go their way. It is people like Nate who want to threaten to come find you in RL and kill you and other really stupid shit to say over a text screen..

So many people complain about botting. I'll use Brandon as my example. He is one person who is 100% against botting yes? But when I was in Apoc and someone gave me Hiq a legend mtn scout. We used that thing for cyan so many times. Used it for zoning whenever there wasnt a real person to use AND sometimes when the 10th real person was a bad player. Hiq came stock with dam hands dam body, an axe from raynes and whatever offie i had for him. And he dished the damage. So my point is, when it is benefiting someone or they can pretend to look the other way... then its ok. Tajs is another example. Everyone knows Tajs has botted for a LONG time. And the folks in myth knew it too. They just wanted to be 2face and pretend they didnt.


Just play the bapting game or don't. If 1 aspect is just overly to much for your senses then quit. But for the sake of us all stop bitching and moaning about all the little bullshit if all you are going to do is log back on the next day just to experience the same shit you didn't like. Arctic is a pk mud. Everyone has cheated at some point and some time. The immortals are... well the immortals. Botters bot. Pkers pk. Gramm and all the other carebears bitch and moan. Just shutup and play..


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Re: Arctic MUD Essay... My Thoughts on the Game
« Reply #64 on: September 04, 2013, 11:41:35 PM »
Can I add that I do like that some changes are kept secret until wipe. It challenges you to think quickly etc and adds fun to the wipe.


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Re: Arctic MUD Essay... My Thoughts on the Game
« Reply #65 on: September 05, 2013, 02:20:59 AM »
although i generally don't agree with the trash tactics, you do have to give reed some credit. it was only like 4 wipes ago he was that trash randomer that would die non-stop and was laughed at by most. nowadays, i would argue more than half of the population are afraid of him.

he should be a role model for all the whiners out there. dont bitch and moan when you get pk'd, grow a pair and do something about it - you may just find you enjoy pkilling people. i know i do.