Author Topic: The new hidden "who" when flagged  (Read 22036 times)

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Re: The new hidden "who" when flagged
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agree too


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Re: The new hidden "who" when flagged
« Reply #31 on: September 17, 2013, 06:14:53 AM »
yes sart your a carebear. one i personally would avoid trifling with, but a cuddly little carebear nonetheless, and lets be honest BOTH groups are capable of drawing people into this mud absolutely. Only ONE of those two is likely to chase others back off. And I am yet to fear the carebear type hindering my arctic mud experience. I didnt always make the wisest choices personally, speaking your mind can get you into a lot of shit at times i have found out, but helping people and making friends always seems to work out better for me personally. Hell i would group pretty much anyone in this mud if it meant experiencing something beyond my normal romping grounds just because its fun to learn new shit.
 I wonder about your theory reed, if all the carebears and non pkmongering type disappeared what would be left? If people like seb, sart, myself, paul, sam, ryan, charlie, dennis(admit it you softy your a carebear), jeppe, matt, matthew,rich,elliot,apit,kendrick,ilya,nate,jonas and many others were never around i personally might never have enjoyed my second week on this game. But for years i have found friends that have gone out of their way to not only teach me, but to help me enjoy a positive experience overall that despite the randoming and other stuff that has nothing to do with MY chi or playstyle they have made it much more enjoyable to get past the other playstyles that are not my own. Without your "carebear" type arctic would not be arctic. And without randoming bandersnatches to watch out for on a similar note, it would also not be arctic. Arctic is arctic because you get a little bit of everything both good and bad. The difference between the two is that the good does not chase the bad from the game. The bad might learn to take some notes on that. Not talking to you personally reed btw on that remark im aware your not bad for this mud at all.
If your name pops up on the pklog 10+ times in the last 20 kills your probably one of the said "bad" folks though sorry to be honest and i hope that doesnt add a further target to my own head since thats pretty much a straight truth shot at the worst of the worst.
anyways assuming my rank 37 already naked barb will hopefully not get stuck sitting in an inn for no good reason im hoping to attempt to enjoy this mud a little more before she wipes. we will see though eh!!!

(sorry to go off topic with this reply btw, reeds post made me think a little about what he said and felt compelled to respond)
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Re: The new hidden "who" when flagged
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I would have voted #1 if I saw this in time. Just because you're wanted / not caught doesn't mean you can't watch the News on TV.