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Tips for warrior solo?

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Does anyone have tips for a solo warrior? I don't like spending so much time sleeping to regen hp. Aside from all of the time it takes, I also don't like being vulnerable to stealing and backstabs while I'm sleeping; not to mention missing out on any shouts or anything that's going on in general.

I know first aid and alcohol can help a little when I level up, but you can still spend half an hour waiting to go again. Is there anything else that I can do, or should I give up on the warrior, unless I can find groups?

I would suggest that you level up solo in bashmode. You will benefit from shield block training and bash training with a halfway good shield and bash is the most essential skill for the warrior class. Don't sleep to regen, simply bandage yourself and rest before the tics. I suspect (untested) that sleeping might stop your vigor skill from going off. Once your vigor skill gets above poor you will find that you don't have to rest to regen alot. The key is picking the right zones for your class and level...
This strategy will initially slow things down, because when you miss bashes and are sitting the mobs will do extra damage to you, but you will soon find that punch bashing mobs will have them at fair. Keep checking the world merchant for shields and shout for them. Ideally you want something that is good quality or better...
Try not to stray too far away from a guildmaster when you are low level so you can learn as soon as you get a * next to your skills when you type skill.
And of course try shouting for groups to speed things up. Good luck!

Depends on your alignment. Leveling on evil char should be the same for all classes, please check in the other post where I listed the zones to get you to level 20.

Here are some additional notes that will ease your solo'ing.

1. Find recuperate rooms near where you zone. There is one near solace inn. There is one in Matthias mansion. One in haven forest. One before the newsea (near que kiri entrance).
2. Vigor starts to kick in and train at around lvl 17ish. I'm not sure why it seldom work at lower level or I might be leveling too fast to give it a chance to kick in. Once you have vigor kicking in, it should ease your resting for hp. Helps even more with vigor and recup on the same tick.
3. Shield or no shield: I usually just double wield and punch kick-high all the time. This allows you to triple hit from melee and max kick/punch damage. Bash is more of a fluff at sub 20 level. Shield block don't kick in till past 20. So leave that till you are like lvl 25 to start shield mode.
4. I cannot stress enough to get hitroll eq and ranks when you can afford it especially for a warrior class.
5. No reason to sip alcohol unless you are a barbarian.

If you can manage to find a woodsman set, that is a nice set for leveling low/mid tank classes.

Two weapons.

Thank you very much for the info.


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