Author Topic: A simple fix with unpredictable thoughts...aristox or hoss maybe likey?  (Read 4410 times)

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So, botting isn't going to be permitted, and want to encourage killing/movement?  How about some simple simple change.

1) remove who list
2) player logs on and if level > 10 they log on and are instantly teleported before a message showing they logged on to a random room in their zone (rent city).  Would be hard to a) log a bot army and organize, b) would allow defensive players (ie: the "evils" a chance to snipe off retaliatory forces, c) would provide a safe path to log on following a pkill that would be slightly harder to spy of an alt or self for cr.
3) clan strongholds would allow players to log on within their clan stronghold inn as an added bonus of farming crp and coins, but all regular cities would be random inzone teleport spec for levelled chars.

I think it would be fun and worth trying!

edit: could start out as an opt_teleport_logon for opt in/opt out access during the testing/implementation phase and be optional for players possibly to appease any flaming that might be addressed by the idea
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What are you trying to solve?  Inn camping?  People grouping up in the inn really fast?

I think there are more elegant and immersive ways to accomplish those 2 issues.  I am also not exactly sure those issues need to be solved.


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Re: A simple fix with unpredictable thoughts...aristox or hoss maybe likey?
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I don't really see inn camping or stalking someone's rent city as a huge issue IF excessive pk (that's what I'm going to call the pk stuff asshats do heh) is dealt with in other area's of the game. The biggest issue with being stuck inn sitting is that you fear you cannot go out and about without being swarmed by so and so. Most of the time it's actually not too hard to get out of town, even with some angry 10 man a few rooms away, but it's another matter when they can track you down without too much effort (if you are not actively running/hiding like mad).