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Thoughts on pk
« on: July 30, 2013, 12:44:33 AM »
A good pvp experience has to have a well balanced class system, the right environment to allow for tricks and traps and a well balanced equipment system to keep the power levels from being too extreme.

Class balance:

-Simplify the prep spells, there is no need for each robe to have such variation. Dragon orb becomes too powerful when it can prep up to the extent that is now available.
-Remove Tether, spelltrap, peek, flesh shield (rend still available, providing a half damage inflicted flesh shield that does not accumulate), sinister barrage, dark accord, mind afire, wither and fold space
-mirror image available to all paths
-clairvoyance available to all paths and restored to old status, chance to show room of zone or room of caster, revealing everything in the room from mobs to items to players. No distance limitations
-Relocate has a chance to land in room with or adjacent to the target (neswud of target or in room with target). Can only relocate to clan or group members 100%, guildmasters work the same.

-punch damage reduced. Disorient lasting 3 rounds only
-kick revamp. One kick style only, has chance to provide current unbalance affects to target
-bash damage reduced
-track directions visible to group mates

-strike has chance to sit target (nolag)
-guard now gives paladin a bash modifier bonus, a -ac bonus and a limit physical damage bonus. Cannot strike while guarding. Cannot guard a specific target. Paladin now attempts to intercept any physical attacks on group members who are non evil. Cannot intercept magic based attacks. Cannot intercept attacks while sitting

Dark Knight:
-Thrust replaced with Sweep Attack. Sweep attack is simply area physical damage attack. Stance dependant, offensive = 4 targets, balanced = 3, defensive = 2
-New skill Dark Alliance, targets non good aligned ally, will automatically rescue target if attacked, will not work if dk is below 50% hps

-Backstab now gains  75% failure rate on second stab after attempting to stab a target, unless thief attempts 2nd stab after sneaking into room and hiding.
-No penalty to stab a couped target a second time.
-Hide increases evade skill while hidden

-Path no longer chosen at char creation. Path selected in game and changeable.
-Burst removed, replaced with Aura of the beast, 5 tick affect, 10 tic cooldown. Scout gains 20% hps, 50% extra attack chance, and 10% physical damage resistance
-Hunt range increased, hunter will now visibly indicate direction of tracks when actively hunting.

-Class removed

-Pass without trace now becomes an aura affect spell, lasts 5 mins, cooldown 10 mins

-Healing mist affects all in group every round, does not effect enemies.
-Gains Lay skill, can be used as legend paladin lay at full skill level.
-Holy word now does medium damage, chance to knock down and remove from combat those of different alignments, no lag

-Track directions visible to group mates

Game Mechanics:
-Area affect spells or attacks will not hit a target that the pc cannot see ie hidden target if caster doesn't sense life, or invisible if caster doesn't see invis
-Option to automatically follow tracks if tracking or hunting or leading a group with an active hunter or tracker. Leader or groupmate being attacked or taking damage toggles option and stops movement and if track or hunt does not show a direction movement ceases.

Equipment Balance:
-Stronghold blacksmiths now sell a higher tier of fastish decay equipment at exorbitant prices. ie 3d5 1 dam 2 hr weaps, good quality shields, apply 6 -10ac armor for approx 1k per item.
-Alchemists sell conclave robes, gloves, hats and necklaces 2 cl each fast decay 1k each
-All nobashes become unlimited, unrestricted low (.01%) load, nodrop, uncontainerable, foom if hit the ground, force wear/remove and drop what was in old slot. You loot it, you keep it until it decays or you die.
-Dragon orb = as above.
-Item limits for mid to high tier eq usually increased, and higher % to load.

Already exists.

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Re: Thoughts on pk
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2013, 01:00:17 AM »
-Backstab now gains  75% failure rate on second stab after attempting to stab a target, unless thief attempts 2nd stab after sneaking into room and hiding.

If that applied just to players.. then thieves would be useless in pk.  If it applied to pve as well.. you may as well delete the class. 

You seem to be partial to a couple classes.


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Re: Thoughts on pk
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2013, 01:16:02 AM »
Trying to be impartial, but yeah maybe the thief idea aint the best. Do you have another suggestion to bring them into line? I don't think it would make them completely useless at pk, just make it harder for a thief to 2 stab a char in 1 round... But for 1 v 1 fights the thief is now at a big disadvantage. He now has to hide (half a round lag if adrenaline rushed?) before he can stab again, or coup his target... I should have also said thief would receive no penalty vs blind held stunned parad entangled webbed tented target


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Re: Thoughts on pk
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2013, 01:22:12 AM »
While the OP seems to be very targeted on his change ideas I wanted to throw some design goals out there that we are working towards.

We want the holy trinity to be able to be performed to a lesser degree by other classes (tank, heal, dps). Some loose ideas on this are increasing druid and shaman healing capabilities, so that they could fill in as a primary healer if your cleric isn't online. That same setup goes for tanking and to some extent damage dealers. I want groups to be able to feel like that they can still conquer content with a less than optimal group makeup and not have 9 people inn-sitting or griefing noobs because the main tank didn't log.


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Re: Thoughts on pk
« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2013, 03:40:25 PM »
Druids and shamans can in 90% of zones already take over from the cleric, while generally be dealing more damage out..

I think spell_mod ranks/skills should be replace with +%dam ranks/skills, track/hunt/clair/temp upped (made useful)


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Re: Thoughts on pk
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2013, 07:16:30 PM »
I think legend cleric can actually out damage any other class when you take animate and rapture into account.

Perhaps give regeneration to druid, now they have easily equal capabilities to  cleric.

I am sure after all the quest work that has gone into shamans they won't actually be removed, but personally I just see it as a stupid class. Yes its cool to be able to call group mates if they are in shit etc, yes its cool to have omen and twisted fate up. The simple fact is the class is completely out of balance with the game, BUT its full powers are only available to those who know the quests, ie 5% of the mud.