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Limit looting in PK
« on: July 29, 2013, 08:00:03 PM »
In an effort to keep PK the same as it is for the most part but to encourage players to take more PK risks I suggest we limit looting in PK but can put systems in place to reward those pkers who take more risk. There are already a ton of items in the game relative to the number of players so by limiting looting and allowing those who get pk'd to keep some/most of their items will encourage them to come back for round 2 but still lose some valuable items making PK profitable. The potential to lose everything makes people less likely to engage in pk and those that are killed makes them more likely to quit. Particularly when it comes to being pk'd by trash armies. Victors can loot those limit 1-3 items, the truly good ones, but will leave the items that make characters playable but not elite. The result is that the pk'd player is more likely to fight back and not quit. This way PK is encouraged, the game becomes more fun and victors get their reward not just through elite gear but also through the pklist recognition.

This brings up the issue of botting of course. Killing someone 5 bots against 1 human player is no fun for anyone. Therefore, how many items the victor can loot can be dependent on the odds against them. 5v1 and the victors can only loot 1 item. 2v1 and the victors can loot 3 items. 1v1 and the victor can loot 5 items. The point is to make it so that pk is rewarding but also doesn't completely destroy the other player's will to play and gives them a reason to fight back.

Let's say I'm pk'd and due to limit looting I lose a dragon orb and 2 golden ankhs. It sucks to lose that awesome gear but I probably have bracelet +heals and others that still make my character very playable for round two. For a basher, I may lose a nice prim, a big bad shield and 2dam gloves but I'll still have my str rings and another prim/shield that will let me character continue adventuring and pking.

This idea is clearly incomplete. For example, what happens to the unlooted gear? How is it returned to the player? If the aggressor dies in the confrontation does limit looting affect them too? Are third party players permitted to loot? The possibility for abuse is rife--this is arctic after all. But I think that if we have something along these lines we'll see an explosion of pk for the better.


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Re: Limit looting in PK
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2013, 06:46:22 AM »
modification:  delay on can_loot flag

you pkill someone and their corpse becomes a statue magic/bless norot.
8 ticks till decays.

if they have nice stuff, you wait to it decay to loot
if they get back before 8 ticks, they wait to either be killed again or for statue to decay and loot

coins drop to ground