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Re: Pk_on
« Reply #15 on: July 30, 2013, 12:45:10 AM »
1 or 2 people keeping a person locked down until dead is a problem.

Perhaps the worst of the 2-person issues could be dealt with by introducing a tethered sickness where the tethered person is nerfed in terms of their ability to do aggressive actions. And maybe a small chance of the tethered person and/or mage showing up stunned, dead, or with only one hit point. Or the mage could lose shields/folds/images and other buffs for a while on relo.

As for a 1v1 lockdown, perhaps the lockdowns (nightmare, hold, overbash) could still allow the victim use a 'quit potion' which brings them to the inn but leaves all gear behind with the pkiller.

To be honest, the 2 people locking another down until dead seems related to the botting issue and the "kill everyone not known as friendly" on the wholist behavior. If 2 people can't effectively lock someone down, people will just bring more bots to do the job.

If "killing people on the who" is considered "asshat", this could also be mitigated by making relo/summon/who still not work for a long time even after the aggressor flag is gone. Reducing xp and eq loss to pk could also mitigate the problems. Maybe changing the way looting corpses works so that some (but not) all eq is bound to the character so that they dont lose it in pk.

Tier 1: stuff that can be bought in regular shops
Tier 2: stuff someone might sell to a world merchant
Tier 3: +heal, +dam, better than 4d4 prime, better that 3d5 offie, better than 5d5 2hand
Tier 4: low limit items

Maybe when people die, they lose all their tier 3 and 4 gear, but have only a chance of losing each tier 2 item. That way people can level with Tier 1 gear without anything to lose by getting pk'ed (it just becomes an annoyance) and people with only a few Tier 2 items have a good chance of keeping most if not all of their stuff so that they can get back to zoning quite quickly.


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Tether sickness
« Reply #16 on: July 30, 2013, 07:04:02 AM »
tether, if allowed to remain should be such an exhausting feat the mage is unable to spelltrap or cast for 3 rounds upon entry.
there should be bash lag to compensate for the use of tether.  that would fix the problem there.