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community added quest/zone
« on: July 28, 2013, 05:37:45 AM »

Almost everyone seems to agree botting is the ultimate evil for the player base and for those that pro-bot, thinks it is advantageous {firstly} to themselves and ultimately trickles down to others as well.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with bot scripts that actually add flavours to the existing game. The advantage is the staff doesn't need to do any extra coding.

1. Personalized market place
Imagine a shop bot. This bot sells eq/item/spells or whatever you can think of real time.
Clans can use this bot to sell their excessive items, or even make a barter system.
People can charge for heals, flies, invis and what not during their down time.

2.  Janitor bots
Hate those no rent item lying all over town? Why not have a bot that cleans up the town every hour or so?

3. Quest bots
Want to have fun with other ppl? How about set up quest that requires players to return some specific items from a zone and offer coins as a reward?
Or offer coins for book pops.

4. New zone with mob bots
Want to create a mob type bot? You can setup your own "zone" bots that acts very much like zoning, except now you have full control on how your mob bot behaves. You can have a leader that walks around a particular town, and other guard bots in the surrounding area. Ppl can kill this leader and this leader will yell for help if not silenced, bashed. Mob bots will be way smarter because you have access to all the limits of a real player. Mage bot will dim to the leader to assist, bashers will try to track to leader and rescue/bash/punch. Everything can be written through the bot scripts.

So you can pretty much design your zone outside the constraints of the mud code. The limit is just the imagination of the script writer.

5. Mercenary bots for hire
This can easily be done, for example a bot shop that collects hiring coins for the duration and then setup the mercenary bots for that duration. You'll have to equip it, heal it etc and use it like a real charmie. If it dies, then it will lose level. The script will make it log back on and go back to the shop. Of course it will have real level and coins can be charge based on its usefulness.

I've just given some examples. Arctic mud has a rich history of zones and players. Zones are pretty much limited to staff and imms. With bot scripts, we (the players) can actually add our ideas towards the gameplay of Arctic. The good news? Aristox doesn't need to touch any code for this to happen.