June 12, 2022 --- TRIPLE DOUBLE Bonuses Next Weekend!


Congratulations are in order for the winners of Saturday's PvP tournament:

Winning the 2v2 tournament were Vra and Mosher! Hinde, Rahvin, and Belka
stepped away with the big win for 3v3s!

Following the exceptional tournament of blood and gore, a 'triple double'
weekend is on the horizon. Double experience, rank exp, and coins will be
enabled from Friday June 17th 12:00PM UTC to Sunday June 19th 11:59PM UTC.

Immortal applications are now open for those willing to set their mortals
and friends aside to contribute to the game. Do you have what it takes to
make an impact on ArcticMUD? (HELP IMM APP)

Last but not least, the next pwipe will be several months away, but
preparation is beginning soon. Please be sure to submit all your ideas,
bugs, and typos via the respective commands in-game; those will be
addressed on our development port over the next few months. With the new
wipe, we are expecting to introduce at least four new and/or expanded zones
of various difficulties. Expect to see some new creator names surface with
some of the new content.

Thanks for playing Arctic, and may you all die!

This event has been extended through Monday June 19th 11:59PM UTC.


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