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Decay and Rent Costs

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Can we go ahead and get rid of renting costs for items and decays? How old are most of us now? How many real life responsibilities do most of us have now? How much time do we have to actually play this game now? Yeah it was cool and all when we were in middle/high school and college, but most of us are adults with families and jobs now. It's just such a turnoff to me, that when I log in to play this game that oh, there goes my gear due to deadbeating or just straight up rent decay. What point do these things actually serve? Preventing deeprenting? Equal distribution of shinies? If that's the case then can we try to experiment a wipe with low load %'s and no_limit? Oh, but then "Too many people running around with dragon orbs". So what? Atleast all those people running around with dragon orbs would be having fun. Really, what is the crime if we have more than three people running around with dragon orbs? Is the apocalypse going to happen if there is suddenly more than one again? I love this game, but as you get older you have so much less time to take care of item upkeep due to rent/decay restrictions. What about no_decay? Then it becomes an argument of "What's going to happen with all those items lying around? Easy. Items don't decay over time when used/carried/in a container. However if an item is left on the ground, 10 tic decay, boom. If that's not enough, how about removing the necessity to use drain magic scrolls or spells for motes? How about maybe a new command that each character gets, say "mote/destroy object" which would then destroy it/give you whatever motes you would get for the item? Rant over. Have a good day.

TLDR Its to easy to gear up two chars using vault in this wipe.

I am still total newb in this game. Started playing for the first time in 2011 when I was already 28 so I dont have this muscle memory of running sinia/boylein/younameit which most of arctic players got playing in their youth.
And I think current gear situation is easiest of all the previous wipes because of lots of acceptable dynamic gear with manageable vault costs. You probably know that your items do not decay in the vault so you can have 2 sets of gear waiting for you in the vault without timer loss for measly 5k coins a day.
That's why I am strongly against free rent. Nolimit items can probably be nodecay, but only if their load rate is not affected by the number of items already loaded.
Lower load rates are just annoying.

PS I'd vote for high load rates. Probably with mutual exclusive loads. Like if something loads A and B, it loads either one or another of they are not maxed. That way we can easily reequip or see that our item is maxed.

Jang Yoo Sung:
without rent/decay there would be no way in hell for ppl to get gear after week 1 of the game.
ppl would load lim 1 gears and go into hibernation preventing that item from ever popping in game.
although we have become busier than we were in highschool, the gods have added legends, reincarnation, class sets, chaos gear(i'm always gonna call it chaos gear) so that we can become super elite easily and not be too gear dependent.

YS did you even read the whole post or did you just headline skim? I literally suggested a wipe experimentation with low load %'s and no_limit. A little bit of attention to detail goes a very long way.

If we can rely on Terk's memory your suggested experiment has already took place and was considered unsuccessful.


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