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Wanted to give a shout out for the new dynamic items. At first I thought maybe they were to powerful but then it was pointed out that they couldn't be repopped. It's been real nice so far.

For instance. I popped a 3d4 2 2 det_inv +2cl dagger. Not the greatest but worth using on a lvl 25 mage.

So again, great stuff.

My own observations:

- The overwhelming majority of "good" or at least passable items still seem to be mage items.
- When I do find other good items, they seem to have many class restrictions, so most often I am not able to use them.
- Almost all of the weapons I have found (excepting mage weapons) have been bad.
- Some of the items I have found this wipe have already decayed!

I found a caster only 2d9 3 3 12wt prime weapon

It was in a mid to high zone

Mages are the best, that's why.
If they are decaying already, they were probably a lower tiered item that rolled well. The higher tiered dynamic items should last quite longer.

The drop code needs to tie in the class and alignment of the people involved in the kill.

60% compatible to one class in group.
60% compatible to alignment of the chosen class.

That or offer a trading house so these restricted items can easily reach people who actually might want to use them.

Why put in a system that people cannot take advantage?


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