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November 28, 2021 --- !!! PWIPE ANNOUNCEMENT - PATCH NOTES !!!
« on: November 28, 2021, 09:16:20 PM »
If any additional changes are made, I will list them as replies to this post and update the news in the game before the game opens.

           -------- PWIPE ANNOUNCEMENT UPDATE --------

                    You've all been deleted.

     The game will reopen for play December 3rd, 2021 at 11PM UTC.

We've successfully merged the development code into the live game branch
and are testing the implementation. All systems seem to be good so far.
Here are the patch changes for next wipe!

* The game year has been reset to be more in line with our 'War of the
   Lance' creation period. (The rolling year counter was originally set
   August 11, 1990 and this is the first reset ever.)
* Additional signs have been added around the Solace area to assist new
* Players will see min and max stats of their guild/race selection after
   selecting a race in the menu. This will display for both new and
   reincarnating characters. (Our menu options have changed, please make
   your character selections carefully.)
* Several 'death traps' alongside major roads and lowbie areas have been
   removed or made recoverable.
* Mobs won't try to use the gaze skill while it is still on cooldown.
* Fixed a bug preventing mobs from quaffing some helpful potions.
* Mobs won't quaff healing potions if they're at high health.
* Mobs will use helpful items in combat if they are hurt and cannot
* Linkdead characters in Arenas will still be visible, but will auto-flee
   when attacked.
* Optimized some skills and spells for better game performance.
* Fixed several issues causing game crashes. Nearly all fooms from the
   previous wipe are fixed.

* Hill dwarves can now be scouts.
* Kagonesti can now be druids.
* Gully dwarves are no longer playable since they didn't fit the lore.
* Daergar dwarves have been added as an exotic race. Cannot follow Good
   alignments. HELP RACE DAERGAR for more information.
* Dargonesti can no longer follow Evil alignments.
* Qualinesti will have HEALING_BONUS instead of HEALING_FACTOR, as was
   originally intended.
* The teased return of age bonuses didn't make it into this patch. Maybe
   next time.

* New 'clan' command: contributions. This will report clan money
   contributions and withdrawals by all clan members at the clan's vault.
* New clan stronghold 'arena' asset added. Clan members can organize arena
  fights against other clan members and/or other players.
* The clan stronghold 'temple' asset now has the 'pray' special.
* Players will get a warning when they ctell with the NOCLAN option
* 'Maintain <item_name>' and 'maintain all.<item_name>' added to vaults.

* Timeout hints were added to affinity objectives indicating time

* Help files for Low level zones around Solace now list the directions to
   the area. We may add additional areas later.

* Overall rent cost of all dynamic items reduced.
* Typos, types, and names fixed. For example, "a battleaxe" now has the
   "axe" keyword.
* Weapon weights should generally be lighter; weight now scales with item
* Chance to roll stats on items more evenly distributed; elite stats remain
* Increased chance to load dynamic items at higher "tiers".
* Higher end mobs should more appropriately load higher end rewards.
* Two brand-new item effects have been added which are only available on
   dynamic items.

* Many 'force load' issues were fixed in various zones.
* Additional holiday instances will be introduced, beginning with
* Que-Kul now favors like-minded individuals who wish to aid them.
* Dirim Peaks road network has been changed. Gnoll camp moved and contains
   more gnolls. Various other mobs changed slightly. See HELP AREA DIRIM
* Alane valley relocated and expanded. It now sits east of Palanthas near
* Lok'Tath expanded and re-level balanced. See HELP AREA LOK'TATH.
* The previous Sanction zone has been rethemed to a new zone: Castle Dread.
* A new Elite level Sanction zone has been added. This area should be much
   more challenging. See HELP AREA SANCTION.
* Slaith Swamp has been revamped. It is a High level zone with some Elite
   level content. See HELP AREA SLAITH SWAMP.
* Added a HASTE set for neutral characters.
* Huma's items will now work as a set.
* A few additional item sets were added across the game.
* Added HEALING_BONUS to some additional items.
* Mage class set items will now roll +CASTING_LEVEL.

* The ranks list has changed. Most notably, HASTE is removed. Some other
   ranks have been separated and/or had their values adjusted.
* Fixed a major bug where "increased healing bonuses" applied by the
   legendary cleric, druid, and shaman ranks were not being calculated
   correctly. This results in reduced overall curing at legendary compared
   to the last several wipes. However, the ranks now work as originally
   stated and intended. We'll be monitoring to see if anything needs to be
   rebalanced as a result of this.

* Shield block damage has been recalculated. The damage taken by shields
   will be less overall.
* Shield block will destroy a shield when condition reaches zero, and
   will not block beyond the excess damage. (bug fix)
* Wizard eyes will be visible by players affected by both DETECT_SCRY
* Bandage will now stop bleeding as designed. (bug fix)
* "brew recipe ['spell']" added - will show the number of components
   available in addition to the number of components required. This also
   works with scribe.


* Battle cry will show a message when it can be reused. (bug fix)

* The quest for the heal spell is now instanced. The quest still functions
   the same way.
* Negative plane protection is now divine. It also now removes malevolent
* Gate mobs altered slightly:
   - Marilith weakened, Chakan and Antioch skills buffed to match Marilith.
   - Aspasia, Chaun, Nalfeshnee no longer autohide. (They were spamming it,
      preventing orders.)
   - Shiroc, Chaldrun, Glabrezu now use a special attack against enemies.
* Rapture damage factor bonus reduced significantly.
* Legendary animate dead rank removed.
* Legendary healing mist rank added: mist won't be removed by gust/constant
   winds & prevents the caster's group from being hit by cloudkill and
   stinking cloud effects.

Dark Knights:
* Recasting unholy might will renew the duration, but won't change the
   existing effects.
* Legendary defensive stance will increase rescue skill slightly.
* The impunity spell will give a damage bonus vs HOLY victims.
* Inspire duration increased.
* Stance 'balanced' has received reduced limit_damage_factor bonus.

* Essence quest has been removed. The spell that loaded there is now a
   tablet spell.
* Reclaim land will not fail to winds group if using +skill items beyond
   max skill. (bug fix)
* Veil of ice duration increased and the RESIST HEAT modifier increased.
* If you can still fly when the fly spell expires, you dont land and you
   don't get a "You feel much heavier" message. (Addresses 'mass fly' vs
   CAN_FLY bug.)
* Casting resist with wrong arguments will not expend the spell.
* Primal fury' base spell stats improved. The spell has been changed to
   group effect by default, similar to the previous legendary rank, and
   thus no longer requires a target to cast. The spell was also moved to a
   higher circle.
* Primal fury legend rank removed.
* Cure massive removed.

Mages (Magic Users & Robes):
* Added a warning to new players about Magic Users being a challenging
   class in the menu.
* Mobs that teach magic blast and magic bolt will now stick around a short
   while longer.
* Magic Users no longer receive bonus spells from INT. Upon selecting a
   robe, the additional slots from INT will be applied. (This maintains the
   integrity of the conclave tests as created.)
* CURSED players can now use the conjure skill.
* Only the first missile of magic missile will use
   potency/boost/dark accord.
* Haste spell negative effects duration reduced.

Black Robes:
* Fixed a bug with mind inversion breaking memorization with 1 tic left.
* Comeuppance spell_saves_mod values reduced. Spell penetration bonus
   added. Cooldown reduced.
* Focused malevolent tentacles will do lower damage against tentacled
* Nightmare will expire in rounds when out of combat rather than tics.

Red Robes:
* Clairvoyance will not flag the caster unless the victim is spotted.
* Clairvoyance victims will no longer be unable to rent.
* Clairvoyance cooldown duration increased.
* Only the first missile of force missile will use potency/boost/dark
* Legendary read magic rank removed.
* Legendary force bolt rank added: causes a second force bolt will hit half
   damage. Both bolts can cause secondary effects.

White Robes:
* Residual attack cooldown reduced.
* Shards of arcana healing reduced; only the first shard will use
   potency/boost/dark accord.
* Wane no longer stacks on the victim. Waned mobs will have a room
   description indicating they are affected.
* Wither now has a limit for the number of spells it can dispel.

* Paladin Crown Quest: It is now easier to see the Mayor. (Prospective
   Knights will no longer have to "break in".)
* Guard will protect a guarded target from a skill only once per round.
* Reckoning damroll reduced slightly, duration increased by several rounds.

* The spirit animals that are hunted by scouts should no longer disappear
   while in combat. (bug fix)

* Ritual voyage will fail on a NOSUMMON target, unless the target is
   sleeping. (bug fix)
* Nap moved to divine, 1 game day cooldown timer.
* Casting sublime resistance with incorrect arguments will not expend the
* Darkened soul duration increased.
* Monstrous mantle will no longer provide a CHA bonus. Instead, it has a
   chance to fear enemies attacking the shaman, and to cause feared enemies
   attacking the shaman to whiff.
* Shaman guildmasters added to Tarsis and Haven.
* All shaman guildmasters should now teach the spell transmogrify.

* Coup cooldown timer reduced for both base and legend versions of the

* New skill: warcry. Reduces the chance for enemies to target another group
   member if the enemy is fighting the warrior. This includes enemies
   affected by confusion effects. Also increases group's hitroll and
   provides fear immunity to the warrior at higher skills. Additionally
   provides fear immunity to group members (and removes fear) at max skill.
* New skill: sunder. Reduces victim's armor values, stacking up to several
* Parry will continue to work while warcrying, sundering, disarming, and

* Fixed many instances of bugs and typos submitted by players via the 'bug'
   and 'typo' commands in this patch. We cleared the logs. If your problem
   still exists after this patch, please resubmit and we'll try to get it

* Special thanks to the following imms who designed and/or contributed
   major additions (or zone approvals) for this patch:
   Adepali, Alecto, Anista, Jorquin, Kafilat, Kholos, Loopley, Rhak

* An extended thanks goes to the following imms who tested systems and/or
   content for this patch:
   Attai, Bedal, Bro, Chyna, Cinas, Edwai, Kyuss, Lloth, Mick, Oom

And finally, the biggest 'special thanks' goes out to the playerbase.
   Without players like you, our work here would be meaningless.

Thanks for playing ArcticMUD.

- Anista

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Re: November 28, 2021 --- !!! PWIPE ANNOUNCEMENT - PATCH NOTES !!!
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2021, 03:09:39 AM »
- Garnet dwarves have mostly been changed to NC alignment.
- Kagonesti elves mostly changed to NC and NG alignment.
- Kalaman Dockyards mobiles mostly changed to NC alignment.
- Mobiles with 'Daergar' in their names have changed to the new Daergar Dwarf race.
- Daergar Dwarf players should be able to 'fit' in all places where Gully Dwarves did.