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a no pkill day


steve d:
ok some people like pkilling and some dont.  maybe we could try a wipe where no pkilling is allowed just for 1 day a week. 

that honestly would be enough for me.  1 day for the pve players doesnt seem too much.  if sundays are peace days then ill only play on sundays.  im just looking for some way to play the game without having to worry about randomly getting griefed and losing hours.

PK really isn't much of a problem nowadays. With reduced PVP damage, flags being seen on who list, ability to wiz eye zones/use hunt...It truly is hard for someone to pk you if you are paying attention. This is a PK mud and is part of the draw of the game. I would say if you are worried about PK, most folks don't even loot you if/when they kill you anyway...EXP loss during PK is pretty minimal as well. I get where you are coming from but personally don't think PVP is much of an issue. The bigger issue is that most people don't want to PVP in it's current state...

steve d:
if it isnt a problem and no big deal these days then 1 day a week where it is not allowed to happen shouldnt bother anyone right?

I like this idea a lot actually, for what it offers casuals or even clans to have one day a week to do unimpeded equipping or exploring. I agree he argument that "someone paying attention" shouldn't be able to get ganked is a reasonable argument against.


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