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Red Robe Buff Ideas
« on: November 11, 2021, 04:51:01 PM »
For mages in general: change how target resist works or remove it from items/swap with straight spell power. There are some items out there that lost a lot of power from the change earlier this wipe.

Some ideas for reds to make them less sucky

- Neutral exp not shitty. Major deterrent to neutrals in general and for no reason in the current state of the game
- Locate object removed
- Peek reworked - locates 20 items at random within the area not equipped or on a player
- Wall of force can be cast again in the same direction to scatter non-static enemies in the next room. The current room's wall of force will be removed. All exits in the next room except the one linked to the one you're in will be blocked by a new wall of force.
- Clairvoyance is now usable on mobiles. No longer usable on players.
- Force missile sucks less
- Force missile and magic missile now only use one potency charge per cast
- Mass teleport moves all characters to the same room. IMT off by default
- Blastwave option 1: returned to its former glory to match other "big 3". Deals more damage than its current state and causes more fumbles and concentration loss
- Blastwave option 2: damage remains the same or lowered. All other effects removed. Causes zero to one round of bash on save, two rounds of bash on failure. Causes two rounds of lag to the caster. Nobash still applies.
- Reflect damage applies when a mirror is hit by melee
- Crippling Wave removed
- New legendary spell: Vicious Images. Maximum base image count increased by 2-3. Images increase damage done by your spells by x% per image, OR images cast low level spells against your enemies
- Thunderbolt becomes Ice Crash, simply changing element and messaging
- Shocking Blast becomes Fire Blast, simply changing element and messaging
- Astral Portal reworked. Becomes similar to summoning circle
- Astral Beacon allows you to dim door and reocate to the target whether they're no_relo or not, regardless of distance
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Re: Red Robe Buff Ideas
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2021, 06:00:41 PM »
I think red robes are insanely elite at this moment.  But i seem to be in the minority on this. 

I agree with Blastwave needing some major love, Shocking blast and Thunderbolt changing to Ice/Fire, and Astral Beacon.  I also think Astral Portal needs to be tweaked.

The Neutral exp is an interesting topic.  It is a major deterrent, especially in the reincarnate era we are in, from playing neutral.  It is a massive bonus to be able to do any zone in the game and get good XP.  But i agree, maybe the overall neutral exp situation needs to be looked at.


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Re: Red Robe Buff Ideas
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2021, 10:45:47 PM »
People who suggest locate get removed must really love running zones with no loads (or making it so people are less likely to pop their items that decay while they’re rented).