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Bard Class
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Bard Class

THE BARD , a profesional story-teller , music composer , oral historian.
Whether scholar, skald, or scoundrel, a bard weaves magic through words and music to inspire allies, demoralize foes, manipulate minds, and even heal wounds. The bard is a master of song, speech, and the magic they contain.

what is a bard's place on arctic?
He is a caster class doing a little bit of everything but less effective than other classes.
primary stats Cha, Int, Dex

[Long Blades] [short blades] [bludgeons] [miscelaneous] Cannot use offhand, or a shield
[Lore Monster] You recall knowledge about enemies like Race, class, resistances and weakness , just a general idea of those
[jack-of-all-trades] You gain temporary knowledge of a chosen non-legend skill. like shaman's [absorb] but you can chose anything

[Bardic Song] Group Buff , one only can be active at a time
*heroism    +hit , can stack with heroism spell
*courage    immune fear, +hr
*competence    +skills
*fury       +dr
*relaxation    mem factor, HP and VS regeration

[Bardic Perform] cannot use while , blinded, silenced, held or sitting, generaly needs to have fully control of body
while performing cannot use attacks and needs to focus.
perform lasts for 6 rounds building in power and reaching full potential at 3rd round.
it has a 6 round reuse timer (4 for a legend) and need to be in combat to use

*soothing performance      healing aura
*deadly performance              AOE dmg
*frightening performance            Enemies feared and do Reduced damage also may flee
*fascinating performance           Enemies may lose a round

[Bardic Casting] a Bard may use this skill to cast a free spell but the casting time increased to 2 or 3 rounds based on difficulty and luck
also using this way has an increased % of failure 

bard may cast every spell as a divine spell, also can mem while blinded and while in combat
slots at lvl 30 should be like 7/5/5/4/4/3

1. magic missile , cure light, bless, detect magic
2. calm, Blur, charm person, disperse (instant gust of wind)
3. teleport, free action, magic bolt, cure serious
4. true identify (lore scroll), magic blast, heroism, temporal path
5. Chaos, True Seeing, Cure Critical, Locate Object
6. Foresight (single target omen), mass teleport, mind control, regeneration, Shout (aoe dmg and may stun)

Legend ranks (important)
*Legend performer , interruption of performing vastly decreased
*Brilliand Caster , each round performing there is % chance to enter to a stage that allows to cast without interrupt perform

legend Skill
[Archaic Knowledge] Legend Bards able to temporarily access to one spell of Bard's choice. If chosen spell is a higher circle than able to cast then can only casted via [Bardic casting] with increased failure , failing casting such a spell may cause ill effects

Thank you!


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Re: Bard Class
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Re: Bard Class
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I'd play one of these!