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Remove strongholds - too long for idea command


Remove strongholds. They depopulate towns and destroy immersiveness. Keep clans. Add "favoured" or "home" towns. New rooms are created for each town representing old benefits except portals. Portal rooms are removed. This repopulates towns in the game.

A clan can choose a favoured town. For instance, SHIELD will choose Balifor. Enough CRP would have to be earned by a clan to activate a room similar to the old system. For instance, 1) the blacksmith bonus can be added to the blacksmith room. 2) Inns will give rent reductions based on your home town. 3) Margaret(s) alchemy shop provies brew/scribe bonuses, offers free empty potions and blank scrolls when using those skills in that room.

None of these bonuses become active until one clan decides to pay for it. Obviously, some rooms like guild mem rooms become redundant. Perhaps a stronger benefit can be applied (even quicker memorization. I don't think this is a problem when you're in a town anyway).

Multiple clans can choose one home town, but everyone will have their favourites and build them up as such. Anyone from any clan can choose a home town and receive these benefits. Non-clanned players can also choose a town themselves because why not.

A clan or clans can build up a town to maximum potential over time. They can decide to move on to the next to help it out, or stay where they enjoy their home.

Don't hate this idea. As much as I love having my own inn it definitely is anti-social.

I actually like this idea as it encourages more socializing and player interaction in-game. 

agree.  Helps any visitors to the mud see activity.

And it makes easier for newbs to scavenge books/gear. I remember checking myth inn floor once in a while because it was near solace.


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