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Dear immortal staff, please consider the return of the skill FLANK

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i suppose skill rush is better to return

Flank was bonkers OP back then. Then again, I also recall Bob blastwaving us for 400hp in a 10v10 and facemelting our whole group in that same era....

Nostalgia aside, thieves are the second worst class for groups right now IMO. Red robes take the cake for being garbage-tier after they got hotfixed from being just disgusting OP early wipe. Thieves are probably middle-of-the-pack to good for duo content, but are still miles off the optimal combos.

Agree they could use some love for group play, but not sure raw damage through flank is the answer, but I also have no other suggestions. I'm helpful like that.

Here are some new game mechanics that might fit a thief class.

Besides giving a list of items on target, it also can return a list of memed spells.

Castors spells are diverted as if confusion is cast. Works with specs.
Also, besides switching target to thief, mobs affected will follow thief out of the room leaving their post.

Treasure find
Increase chance of spell load, coin drop increase and chance of rank point increase

1d4 rounds to setup, mass entanglement with the following effect. One setup per room.
1. Whiff
2. Trip and sits
3. Trip and hit own group
4. Trip and hit self
5. AC=0

Damage demon
Damage + 1 stacked for consecutive non miss and same target.
When target dies or change, damage is reset.
For example, a thief will have +10 dam after 10 non miss hits while in combat

I think envenom should be more controlled with different types of poisons
1. Temp blind
2. Temp silence
3. Temp paralysis
4. Memory loss
5. Slow
6. Target cant be cured for 1d3 rounds
7. Weaken with chance of fumble
8. Confusion

I think the treasure find and set trap are two interesting ideas that would add benefit to the class for sure. Would add a big reason to bring thieves to pvE and could make them defensive players in pvp


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