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request for a delete skill option


steve d:
ive been trying to grind my thief up to legendary and it feels pretty ridiculous.  i am spending hours and hours training up these skills that after i hit superb i will never use again.

how about an option for permanent removal of a skill on a character?  so if i never want to use the plant skill i can just delete it.  and then while i will lose a way to annoy my friends, i wont be required to superb it to reach legendary. 

If anything, plant should be a druid or ranger skill.

Anyway, not to disagree with you, whenever you want to legend a class, please ask around for the best way to train up skills.

Most people would give you a pointer or 2 on how to minimize the pain of training certain skills. That way you can just treat this as a price to pay for legend benefits.

There were already multiple attempts in making skills less tedious.


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