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Short Duration Perma-Death Server


Is there interest in and any possibility (logistically or otherwise) for a copy of Arctic on a different port that only allows for one life, for the duration of the rest of the wipe?

I've brought this idea up before, but I feel like at this point in the wipe it could garner more interest and traction.

It would be a fun exercise in one's abilities for focus and commitment to a character.

PvP would possibly ruin the experiment.

Don't see any problems on the current server
#trigger "You're dead."

A Hobbes-era clan did this.. OIL, I believe. Came from a perma-death rp-required mud called Armageddon, sister mud in development with Arctic.

They just deleted on death. Can't see allowing multiple active codebases to do something you could form a clan of alts to do.

If the current imms wished to run a fork of the current codebase which is tailored to this idea, I'd find that to be an interesting concept. 


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