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Why I stopped playing.

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First and foremost I want to give a shoutout to our staff for doing a thankless and compensation free job of running this game. It is exciting to see staff so actively involved and looking to improve the game. This post isn't meant to belittle any of the work that has already been done(which is substantial), but  more to raise awareness.

Why did I stop playing?

Simply put, there wasn't much left to do. The content in the game is really under tuned to how strong a R5 rank 40+ character  is, and ultimately the game has grown boring. When all the content has been done, the only reason to continuously log on is to just check decays, and then hope to repop them before some other clan. This has been the cycle of Arctic for so long that I feel that folks aren't willing to think outside the box. This is negative reinforcement to logging on to the game as opposed to positive reinforcement.

Historically(not just the recent wipes) when clans get to this state where the zoning no longer a draw, they would jump/declare war on another clan and have some fun with PVP. Unfortunately with Arctic's aging player base, the current PVP system is broken. When I say broken, I simply mean that it doesn't fit the playstyle that most of the players enjoy. Those that do have been burned at the stake.

I don't just put this on here without some thoughts around fixes so I hope to draw some good discussion with some of the items below.


1. Game difficulty - As stated above, the game is way too easy. With the new instance coding that has been established, it would be really cool to have more difficult versions of the zones we currently have. Tune the zones up, create different difficulty levels, and yes even buff the gear. (ie normal mode, hard mode, nightmare mode, etc). This solution would allow for clans to continuously test their strength and have something to strive for, thus not having beat the game 1-2 months in to the wipe.
For those that say "The gear is too powerful already! Clan's won't be able to compete etc etc"...This really only applies to a PVP environment which in reality we don't have anymore. Hope to address this below.

2. Gear loads - The current gear system was based around a PVP environment as well. Gear needs to be circulated so that one group of players doesn't hog it and completely dominate a pwipe. As of right now, who really cares if every clan has 1-2 dragon orbs, or dragon slaying weapons, etc etc...The better question is WHY NOT allow every clan to have them? Limits should really be re-evaluated for the current game play. Rather then having hard limits, consider having no limits and dropping the % on load rates based on eliteness of item. If someone wants to spam Cyan to get a dragon orb, let them get a dragon orb!
Also let's address the elephant in the room...chaos gear. The chaos gear was a step in the right direction and I applaud the staff for the bringing this system to the game, but let's face it, the vast  majority of the gear dropping just sucks. Cyan is literally dropping 10 resist gas items...I mean come on. If good gear drops and is usable, this would be great! This gear would be amazing to tune WAY up and put in to some of the higher difficulty instances in the above solution.

3. PVP - As stated above, the PVP system is very outdated for our current player base. I also understand that there would be a significant amount of coding that would need to be done to rework this system. That being said...PVP used to be one of the main draws to the game and it also kept people playing...this NEEDS to be a top priority to get right.
One suggestion I have would be to create multiple arenas where players can duke it out. Create PVP ranks( Sergeant, General, Warlord, Whatever) for bragging rights. Keep it so you have to PVP in order to hold on to these ranks. Provide advantages for having these ranks, i.e. gear that is warlord only, or slight buffs etc...There is so much that can be done here that would engage the players.

I love some of the changes that the staff has already brought to the game. Lightning orb is cool as hell, tic timer, not having to reskill after reincarnate...all amazing changes. That being said, none of these changes address why people are not playing. Please consider some suggestions above, but more importantly focus and prioritize on why people aren't playing anymore.


I agree.

Sean-- Andagassi/Jungor

my first thought: Vuddy is not going to like this.

Overall, great ideas.Really like the arena-style PVP idea. I'm not sure that uncapping elite gear will change much for top tier players, but it will probably motivate less experienced players/clans to organize for the mastering of endgame content, so ultimately a win for the playerbase, and the game.

I do not agree that Arctic is easy.

I started playing Arctic in 2011 in my late 20-s. I played actively for 15-16 months in total. Of which 2 months I struggled to learn the world and solo level warrior to 22, because no one grouped a newbie in the end of 2011. So I consider myself a real newbie.

This wipe I had about 12-14 days playtime of which a good chunk I spent loring gear, mapping zones, reading my log files, gathered when I was power zoning with veteran players.

My progress from 2011 is enormous, but I still know almost nothing compared to my clannies. The game is enormously hard. I have managed to pop moc/scorch tier spells and still looking to load 4 of 6 pieces of any class set by myself.

I am thinking to take a break from the game too but for different reasons. First I do not enjoy follow/assist type of power zoning I can find in the game, especially in unknown zones. Second, I am tired of chasing stone skin, and recently lost all my progress in that effort because I forgot to maintain my vault :) Third I still can't reincarnate on my main chars and I can't see how I can catch up with veterans. And finally I think when I get to rank 25, game will wipe again like it was in the previous wipe.

Probably if I started playing when I was younger, my achievements would be a lot better.

PS Game is great, imms do a good job of maintaining it.

Not new ideas but nice to see them come up again


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