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Legend Eel: Zap


First, I will admit and recognize that the primary benefit of this legend rank is the extra depth.  Connecting 3 is better than connecting 2 by a fair amount (at least 50%). I buy this rank even when I don't use it.. and I almost never use it. Here's why.

Zap has incredible effects, and as a levelling tool, it is significant and well-balanced. However, it has 1 round of lag too much to consider using it once you get shark: the lag off of zap is higher than any other tool available to oceans.  I tend to think of it as 2 round lag: it is awful.  That being said, as long as you are fighting 'trash' mobs without enhanced saves, the tool lands enough to make it utterly viable, until you hit shark.

I will compare legend zap to gaze (which has no legend equivalent).  Gaze provides a better status effect, para, than any or all of zap's effects. In my experience, it lands more often than zap on significant mobs.  It also has half the lag.

The lag + the utter failure vs any mob of significance, combined, are the reason I will forever connect whale/shark/pira on an ocean until alterations are made.  If I had to deal with the fact that zap will never land, even on legend, at significant rates on significant mobs, but it only cost me normal lag, I'd be fine. If I were adopting a follow role for my ocean, I would still swap in zap for whale in most places.  If it had current bashlag, but had a shot at landing on something worthwhile, I'd consider using it for the variety of effects, though I'd still bitch about the lag. Still, whale is mostly a tanking instinct, so I'd consider swapping it.

As it is, with bashlag + lack of efficacy, I can't see a reason to use this legend long-term.  I will still buy it, because depth is good, but I will continue to consider it a failed idea, a missed opportunity. The instinct can be, and should be, designed better.

Let's not even talk about Jellyfish.  If you wrote this legend, investing man-hours into the coding, why did you not make it stack with shark? As it is, there is literally no reason to ever consider this.. because it won't stack a second bleed on top of shark. If it did that, I'd be there. I'd have hard decisions to make. I'd be about that life.

As it is, even though I love legend ranks, I cannot justify jellyfish as a concept, and have no idea why it exists as opposed to better options which create better dilemmas in regards to builds:  just swap jellyfish for legend frog.

Frog is amazing. We love frog. Make Frog Better. (It's  a perfect opportunity for an actually useful 1rp legend.)

Thank you,

Jason  (Player of many, many legend oceans, and generally crotchety old bastard.)

Well written!

Unfortunately, I think scouts are finally on their way out the door, so I wouldn't expect much in the way of changes

Corey, I hope you are kidding.


--- Quote from: Chisul on March 12, 2021, 01:58:00 PM ---Corey, I hope you are kidding.

--- End quote ---

I mean there's always chatter about removing scouts and coding rangers to the current vision. I don't think anyone is in love with scouts.

Read a bit of the backlog in the scout channel on discord


--- Quote from: corey on March 12, 2021, 02:19:07 PM ---I mean there's always chatter about removing scouts and coding rangers to the current vision. I don't think anyone is in love with scouts.

--- End quote ---

I love my sky scout, but I think that's only because no one else plays them and so I get all the gear.


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