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I was thinking of some other ways to spice things up that would promote high level zoning more than just exp/ranks/eq. ACHIEVEMENTS! That's right!

So basically like you get +stats or +dam or whatever for completing an achievement.

You can 1000 dragons: You get some type of dragonslayer spec added directly to that character. So think ... storms lance but toned down. Like an extra 5 damage per hit but it does a cool message or something.

You do 500k hps worth of healing. That is ACTUAL healing(not sure how to code that). You get +10% healing on your character.

You deal 250k damage with spells you get Arcane Master or something and now you get a +1 to all slots.


I don't see how dealing 250k damage leads to more high level zoning.
We already have medals for achievements.

I'm pretty sure you just want more skills. Brew 500 times and you can land brew more often...

Its not about skilling. Its about having another thing you can focus on in zones. Specially when everyone goes into decay repop mode. So it won't be "we gotta go check this zone for the 8th time" That zone might have a few dragons like storms. And after slaying 2000 dragons, you get a dragon slayer achievement unlocked. So something cool happens after.

To be fair, if this system is implemented you would literally just see people botting to the achievements over night.

Class based super quests like the rose quests for paladins, though, is something I always thought would be fun!


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