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December 30, 2020 --- !!! PWIPE ANNOUNCEMENT - PATCH NOTES !!!
« on: December 30, 2020, 07:52:41 PM »
           -------- PWIPE ANNOUNCEMENT UPDATE --------

                     You've all been deleted.

     The game will reopen for play January 1st, 2021 at 8PM UTC.

We've successfully merged the development code into the live game branch
and are testing the implementation. All systems seem to be good so far.
Without further ado, here are the full patch notes for next wipe!!!

 * Player vs player damage is set to 75%.
 * Vault alchemy limits have doubled.
 * The shout cooldown timer has been reduced by half.
 * After an item has been 'lored,' its stats can always be viewed with
   the 'inspect' or 'examine' commands, until the item is destroyed.
 * Lored items no longer show 'timer' messages unless they are NORENT.
 * Lored items will now show BASH_MOD values, if any exist.
 * The 'systat' command will display bonus events, if any are active.
     (E.g.: Exp bonus  : 50%)
 * Players affected by SUSTENANCE will still be able to eat and drink.
 * Fear affects will prevent an affected player or mobile from hunting
     or tracking.
 * Disorientation will now show appropriate wear off messaging.
 * MINDSHIELD will properly protect against disorientation effects from
     critical hits.

 * The base exp table has been reduced by 20 million, all at level 30.
 * The rank experience table has been reformulated, primarily at rank 31
     and beyond to allow for an increased rank cap.
 * The rank level cap (pre-reincarnation) has been increased to a much
     larger number, although it will be difficult to achieve max rank.
 * The 'rank' command now displays the player's current rank.
 * New rank merchants have appeared in Kalaman, Palanthas, and Tarsis.

* NEW COMMAND: reincarnation. Displays bonuses earned by reincarnating.
* Maximum reincarnates is now 5, down from 6.
* Reincarnations give +1 to a bonus stat per reincarnation, instead of +2.
* Reincarnation adds -1 saving_spell (r1/r3/r5) and -1 saving_poison
    (r2/r4), instead of -1 saving_spell every time.
* Reincarnation race selection will now respect character alignment.
* Less experience is required for each reincarnation, as a result of the
    base experience table reduction.
* Rank purchases and legendary status will not be removed by reincarnating.
* Skill progress will not be lost upon reincarnating. Skills and spells
    will be capped at maximum for the current level.
* Reincarantion will grant 50 CRP. (Clan rank points.)
* Reincarnating will now properly remove spell affects.
* Scout 'fence' and dark knight 'stance' will be cleared on reincarnation.
* Character height and weight will now update to reflect any changes in
    race after reincarnating.

* Dargonesti (exotic) base strength may roll slightly lower, charisma
    slightly higher.
* Gnome spell damage bonus increased slightly.
* Goblin base strength may roll slightly higher.
* Gully dwarf (exotic) can now follow both good and neutral alignments.
* Half ogre (exotic) can now be scouts.
* Hill dwarf base charisma may roll slightly higher. Concentration bonus
    slightly reduced.
* Silvanesti learn bonus reduced slightly, base intelligence may roll
    slightly lower, movement regen increased.
* Exotic races are now only accessible by reincarnating into them: the
    menu creation option has been removed.

* The 'clan who' command will show the number of reincarnations and
    legend status of clan members.
* New stronghold command: 'clan stronghold map'
    Displays a 2D grid of the stronghold floor plan, including asset
    names and locations.
* Rooms can -only- be linked to match a proper 3D grid, which helps
    avoid previous linking problems outside the stronghold.
* New clan room linking syntax: clan stronghold link <dir>. (No longer
    accepts room ID.)
* New assets: General Store, City Portal (one per stronghold max), Clan
    Ward. See HELP STRONGHOLD ASSETS for details.
* Clan stronghold room names will now display the room asset type.
* Reduced room requirement to asset ratio to 1:1.
* The coin cost of stronghold rooms will no longer increase with
    stronghold size.
* Reduced the withdrawal charges for clan stronghold bank assets.
* Depositing coins at the clan stronghold bank stores half of the fee
    in the clan's vault, if one exists, to help pay for future stronghold
* The number of reincarnations and legendary status of clan members can
    now be seen with the 'clan who' command.
* Strongholds now prevent demolition of rooms with assets.
* Fixed a bug preventing strongholds from having both banks and vaults.
* Fixed a bug with 'clan abandon' leaving stronghold rooms behind.

* Hobgoblins are now a proper mob race, and have been added to affinity
    medal objectives.
* Retrieving affinity medals from vaults will no longer cause a debuff.
* Triggering medal enchantments no longer affects the objective timers.

* New prompt option: prompt TIC_TIMER. Displays seconds until tic.
* New player option 'opt IGNORE_IMMUNE_TRACK.' Allows a player to toggle
    on and off their 'TRACKABILITY' if their character is affected by
* New player option: opt TARGET_WATCH_OPP. This will allow a player to
    cast an aggressive spell on their 'watch_opp' by default without
    typing the target.

      Kholos is 'watching' Anista who is fighting Lord Soth.
      Kholos casts 'acid blast' with no target specified. The 'acid blast'
        will hit Lord Soth.

After much debate, we've decided to pull back the curtain 'just a little
more' on player help files. Where needed, each spell and skill has received
a new "Details:" section describing the ability. Not -every- spell or skill
received this, but many did.

The new help file details will not disclose exact mechanics, or any
detailed values, but players should now have a more clear idea on what
their abilities affect or do.

To go along with this change, we've also added HELP FLAGS to aid in
understanding of spells, skills, and ranks purchased by players.

Please use the in-game 'typo' command to report any issues found, as this
project was a major undertaking and there are likely issues.

Nearly five thousand NEW items have been created and added to the game as
part of a supplementary gear & weapons system:

* These items can load on various monsters across the game. Some items are
    class specific, and some can be used by all.
* The item stats are randomized and draw from a wide range of possibilities.
* The strength of stats, and the number of stats applied to these items, is
    primarily determined by the difficulty of the monster and a certain
    amount of luck!
* While these items are rare, they are unlimited and every zone in the game
    can load some of these items.
* This is a fairly complex system. Expect us to be turning knobs & dials
    behind the scenes throughout the wipe.

Jelek and Telvan have both returned to the game! Travelers beware, the
townsfolk are not fond of trespassers with pure intentions. Special thanks
to Anista for obtaining a backup zone copy & recoding the files from the
ancient programming language to the new, and to Jorquin & Alecto for giving
the zone a proper creation facelift. See HELP AREA JELEK, HELP AREA TELVAN.

The Laughing Lands has been added to the game, as yet another expansion
near Balifor created by Alecto. The Laughing Lands region is for high level
adventurers with a modest group size. See HELP AREA LAUGHING LANDS.

Many mobiles throughout the game have had their experience points adjusted,
both positively and negatively. Kagonesti Hinterlands & Neraka's inhabitants
received the biggest overall reductions per-zone, while Hjor's Arena &
Neraka's Green Dragonarmy Camp received much-needed increases.

* The Lost Mines of Lok'Tath opened their mines to players above level 20.
* Some inns which had been deactivated have been reactivated, allowing
    players to rent in more places.
* Several rooms have become recuperate areas where appropriate.
* Theros has learned to repair any item which he creates.
* "Orbs" will no longer apply a permanent debuff penalty to hitpoints and
    movements for improper use; the affect will now be temporary.
* 'Shark jaw crossbows' have returned to the game, albeit not as powerful as
    they once were.
* The 'crown of grapes' is less powerful than it once was.
* Numerous other items, mobs, and rooms were touched in various ways ways.

* Most spell loads (book/spell combinations & many load locations) have
    changed for every guild. Expect to see some old book names from the '90s
    resurface! Shaman charms will now all have 'charm' in their name to help
    with the 'reset' of this system.
* Damage over time spells (rotting flesh, corrode, ignite, etc) will no longer
    engage the caster if they are not tanking the victim when the damage pulses.
* "Cloud" code has been reworked to fix some longtime bugs. Notably, grouped
    members should no longer be hit by their groups' offensive cloud spells if
    they are not present with the friendly caster at cast time.
* The 'scribe recipes' and 'brew recipes' skill commands will now work while
    the skills are on cooldown.


* Legendary lore rank will allow an item's stats to be visible with the
    'inspect' or 'examine' command after a successful lore, until that item
    is destroyed or decays.

* Animate dead corpses maximum reduced to 1 pre legend, 2 at legend (down from
    2 and 3 respectively). Additionally, corpses can no longer wield weapons
    or be affected by haste effects.

Dark Knights:
* March can be toggled off while fighting.
* Rescue will fail less often at higher skill.
* New dragon rank added for waterbreath.
* Fixed a bug with nightfall where attacks were sometimes bruising enemies.

* Barrier will work everywhere.
* Commune with nature had its concentration bonus reduced slightly.
* Healing cloud now properly allows the cloud object to follow the caster.
    This correctly prevents tornado and healing cloud from coexisting in the
    same room.
* Reclaim land now works in watery areas.
* Tornado has had its chance to hit reduced.

Mages (Magic Users & Robes):
* Mages will now receive bonus memorization slots based on intelligence.
* Legendary mages will now receive 1% spell damage bonus for every casting
    level above 30.
* Cold snap now has a chance of temporarily freezing victims in place.
* Drain magic is now a divine spell. (See "HELP DIVINE".)
* Power word stun has been removed from player spellbooks.
* Spellcraft now disorients on failure much less often at high skill.
* New rank: Legendary deep focus. Allow robed mages to memorize while in
    combat and provides other perks.

Black Robes:
* Acid damage-over-time effects (i.e.: corrode, etc) will not engage the
    caster if the victim is focusing on another target.
* Acid mist with high component casts will no longer be dispersed by tornado.
* Nightmare will give appropriate messaging for sleeping/sitting targets.
* Pain is no longer a book spell, and can be learned in Wayreth.
* Pain, rend, and constrict heart will work on all targets for legendary

Red Robes:
* NEW SPELL: Lightning orb (red robe) - A hovering ball of lightning that
   shocks foes for several combat rounds. Legendary red robes will notice a
   bonus affect from this spell.
* Force bolt is no longer a book spell, and can be learned in Wayreth.
* Lightning damage-over-time effects (i.e.: from shocking blast, etc) will
   not engage the caster if the victim is focusing on another target.
* Magical anchors now properly fade away upon death and renting.
* Read magic cooldowns will not be removed by specials or lost upon death.

White Robes:
* Arcane spear is no longer a book spell, and can be learned in Wayreth.
* Delayed blast fireball has been reworked to deal damage for several rounds,
    increasing in damage each round until it explodes violently at the end.
* Favorable odds duration increased.
* Ignite damage-over-time effect will not engage the caster if the victim is
    focusing on another target.
* Moment of clarity effects will not be removed by specials or lost on death.
* Preservation now works more appropriately to what the help file describes.
* Prismatic spray has innately had the black and mauve colors readded for
    legendary characters, although the colors have different effects than the
    original versions.
* Transference will prioritise highly beneficial spells over basic spells
    (i.e.: fireshield over blur). 'Boon' can no longer be transferred.

* Avenging faith legs will now properly work on elves.
* Guard affects are now removed for the user or guarded targets losing their
   connection to the game.
* Legendary lay now properly provides double healing multiplier.
* March can be toggled off while fighting.
* Strike now works when affected by the haste spell.
* New dragon rank added for waterbreath.

* Fading when not tanking will not lag.
* Hunt will now appropriately lag the hunter, even if the target is missing.

* Shamans will now receive bonus memorization slots based on charisma.
* Ancestral blessing now adds a healing bonus for all shaman healing spells
    while active. This healing bonus was removed from a portion of the
    legendary regenerate rank. (There is no overall loss or gain in healing
    bonus with this change.)
* Bind will no longer remove previously bound spirits on items if the new
    bind attempt fails.
* Control will still provide a short-lived, weakened version of the spirit
    if the caster fails a control, but still passes the CHA check.
* Controlled spirits can now detect astral forms.
* Frenzy will now allow casting for non-legendary players. The casting
    portion of the legendary frenzy rank has been removed.
* Ghostskin duration has been increased for non-legendary players.
* Preserve corpse can no longer be recast on a corpse.
* Rotting flesh damage-over-time will not engage the caster if the victim is
    focusing on another target.
* The shaman 'regenerate' quest has now been instanced, meaning multiple
    quests can be run at the same time. The beginning of the quest has
    changed slightly, but those who know it before should have no problem.

* Fading when not tanking will not lag.
* Legendary fade will no longer trigger refresh. Instead, the thief will
    become IMMUNE_TRACK for a short period following a successful fade.
* Throat punch will now prevent the victim from eating, drinking, sipping, &
    quaffing for the duration.

* Fixed hundreds of bugs and typos submitted by players via the 'bug' and
    'typo' commands in this patch. We cleared the logs. If your problem still
    exists this wipe, please resubmit and we'll try to get it fixed.
* Fixed a bug where players would receive cooldown messages for various
    guilds on tic.
* Fixed a number of issues causing game crashes.
* A lot of code for clan strongholds, spells, and skills was redone. Please
    use the 'bug' command to report anything weird happening.

We went through the entire ideas list (at least seven years worth) and
implemented some of the ones we liked. Quite a few ideas were reserved for a
later date. If your idea is still unimplemented, and you think it's really
good, then please resubmit this wipe with the 'idea' command.

We've put up fliers all around the Darken Woods for our sneaky kender Kam,
who has gone missing and hasn't been seen for quite some time. We've retired
him from his post as a game implementer and reserved him a spot with our
retirees. The Goblin Battlemasters, Anista (head of gameport) and Kholos
(head of creation), will continue to run all aspects of the game. Always
remember, these goblins are your friends, but they also have very, very sharp
teeth: Beware.

Special thanks to our long-time veteran coder Adepali for his work throughout
the wipe. Adepali still spends many hours behind the scenes designing new
features,  and some of his best work is still yet to come...

It is with our greatest pleasure to recognize and give special thanks to our
biggest immortal contributors last wipe. While a number of other immortals
have contributed work, no amount of thanks can be given for the painstaking
volunteer time the following staff members contributed. Please congratulate
these immortals for their promotions and thank them for their hard work in
making the game enjoyable for all:

Alecto - promoted to 34.
Bedal - promoted to 33.
Bro - promoted to 33.
Cinas - promoted to 33.
Kafilat - promoted 34.
Lloth - promoted to 33.
Loopley - promoted to 34.
Mick - promoted to 32.

And finally, the biggest 'special thanks' goes out to the playerbase. Without
players like you, our work here would be meaningless.

In closing out this wipe, we hope most of these changes are taken well, and
sorry (not sorry) to the cleric corpses who continuously embarrassed the damage
dealers in the group until now. Overall the changes are intended to be positive,
and we look forward to presenting you with a wipe full of amazingness and a
dedicated staff to keep the 25+ year old game going.

Who knows, we might decide to implement some of these other "didn't quite get
finished in time" pieces later this wipe...

Thanks for playing Arctic.
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Re: December 30, 2020 --- !!! PWIPE ANNOUNCEMENT - PATCH NOTES !!!
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Additions & accidental omissions:

- The 'help' command (with no argument) will now display text correctly.
- The Lost Mines of Lok'Tath opened their mines to players above level 20.
- Lute's Loot in Neraka now also serves as a bank.
- The alchemy tome quest has had one of its loads changed to a more sensible location.
- Each guild 'relearn' has been combined into one item, removing failure for
  all circles for the guild.
- Black robes will require 'relocate' for legendary, rather than 'pain.'
  (Pain is now a guild spell.)
- "Chaos" spell loads have been added for every guild. These allow a player
  to learn a random spell from the specific book/tablet/charm. They can load
  anything from a lower tier spell to the most elite, so they are very rare.
- White robes will require 'fireshield' for legend instead of 'cleanse.'
- The cleric 'heal' disks are now no_fail.
- The shaman 'regenerate' charm is now no_fail.
- The druid 'stone skin' tablet is now no_fail.
- New social added:  job
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