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Good wipe everyone.

As the title says...

I'll start:

1. Casting level removed
2. Reincarnation max reduced
3. Druid healing nerfed!
4. Mages better in groups?
5. Neutral exp received increased
6. Animates can no longer wield weapons!
7. Legendary lore removed!
8. Item limit soft cap. Normal load rates for limited items, then drastically reduced load rate thereafter while the item is at cap
9. Further to 8, items loaded this way are loaded on death
10. Dark Knight rescue cap increased massively to reflect other tanks
11. Izmarelda buffed and loads something now

good list, agree with most!
also i'm guessing...

1. Skilling on reincarnation improved
2. Skilling cooldowns improved
3. Warrior buffs, maybe at legend?
4. XP tables increased
5. Spell/Skill helpfiles updated with some implementation details? damage etc.

1. Reincarnation max increased, bonuses reduced
2. AoE healing nerfed.
3. Scouts changed and now each type have unique skillsets

Some possible changes (and a few I hope happen even if it's unlikely):

1.  Rank exp is now based on when the character last killed the rank mob, instead of how long it's been since the rank mob was killed by *anyone* else.
2.  Animate damage gets nerfed again.  Maybe we get the option to summon our corpses with "c 'animate'" with no target to compensate.
3.  Healing Mist loses its RNG factor and also can affect spirits/corpses like cloud/cultivate/cleric aoe crits/etc.
4.  XP tables adjusted, ideally reduced overall unless reincarnation gets some severe overhaul.
5.  Reincarnation bonuses reduced.
6.  Mountain scouts nerfed again.  Wolverine is now -dam and +incoming_damage for the user.
7.  Legendary Lore replaced with something barbs will actually use (legendary mend or sharpen).
8.  Into the Breach maybe gets fixed and lets barbs rescue people who are fighting mobs/players you haven't directly flagged against.
9.  The Solace tree claims at least 3 victims within 24 hours of the wipe starting.
10. Mage and Druid spells become specific to their book/tablet and load spot, like how Cleric and Shaman spell loads work.
11. Alternately, Cleric and Shaman spells get randomized in their book/charms like Druid and Mage spells even though nobody likes this.
12. Volley gets nerfed.
13. "Oh you fell and died" DTs that kill flying characters are either made no_fly DTs, removed, or given a better reason for killing you.
14. Lore and Identify now flag an item and the info is visible whenever you examine the item (look just does its normal thing).
15. Non-legend ranks are kept when you reincarnate, or give a coin discount when you re-buy them.
16. Mages get refactored and buffed across the board to be more useful prior to getting heavily spelled up.  CL gets removed as part of this.
17. PWS is removed from the game or made single target.
18. Item softcap like Corey said, or 'lesser' versions start loading too (whether the item is capped or not).
19. Class sets probably get nerfed.
20. Barbarians get legendary rank for mend, replacing legendary lore.
21. More +mend gear added to the game.
22. Return of the +skill ranks from wipes past.
23. Kender can finally become Paladins.
24. New exotic races.
25. The forced skilling delay at (very good) and higher skill levels is reduced or removed.


--- Quote from: Quid on December 30, 2020, 05:19:08 PM ---3. Scouts changed and now each type have unique skillsets

--- End quote ---
Oh no! My mountain can't shoot anymore?


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