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So I had seen the videos on Youtube. I was prepared to make fun of whoever for making videos of a text based game.

Then I watched the videos. Well some of them. Wow.. Good job to whoever did those. It's one of the best newbie guides I've seen for a mud.

I think we should throw the link to the first of those videos into our login screen. Right above the discord link. Great job.

Oh and put it on mud connector too maybe

For those who missed the context:,2529.0.html

The videos were really good! I just wanted to say maybe it would be cool to put together a video of some high level content just to kind of show how fun/interesting the game becomes once you get past the newbie stuff?

Just an idea! Again, awesome stuff!

Good job Nick! I was listening to this while playing some newbs, it was great! Keep up the good work "heh heh"


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